Pressure washing can have many benefits for different areas of the home. It has become a go-to solution for different preparation and cleaning needs around the home that would otherwise take a much longer, intricate approach.

How are pressure washers used?

Watching a pressure washer being used can be a captivating experience if you’ve never experienced it first-hand. Using the high-pressure water is excellent for cleaning the outside and around a home. The most common uses are to help in cleaning and removing loose paint, dust, grime, mold, and mud from the sides of homes. Although the water pressure is strong enough to knock these particles loose, it won’t do damage to the wood or brick surface underneath.

For example, a home that will be repainted and has paint that is chipping and peeling off, having the sides of the home pressure washed could be the most beneficial first step before repainting the home.

On the flip side, for brick homes that have lost their luster over time, a high-pressure wash can bring back the vibrant brick color it had when the house was first bought!

Is Pressure Washing Environmentally Friendly?

Some people have the misconception that pressure washing is terrible for the environment. However, that is far from the truth! Here are a couple of reasons pressure washing on or around your home is actually good for the environment:

Cleans the area quickly: The whole idea and use of pressure washers are that they can clean surfaces, quickly! Along with speed, there is less use of water than with other cleaning systems and techniques. For instance, if a patio needs to be cleaned, and the other alternative is using a garden hose, it is estimated that using a pressure washer will use 70-75% less water.

Reduction in using natural resources: Many times instead of using a pressure washer the item would be replaced (bricks, siding, concrete, etc.). However, using a pressure washer can get these used and weather-worn things looking just like new!

Helping to protect local watersheds: Throughout the country, different areas and municipalities have various laws regarding wastewater and standards to keep the environment as safe as possible. Ensuring the company that completes your homes power washing has taken these extra steps is vital to make sure the most environmentally friendly practices are used.

Picking an Environmentally Friendly Power Washer is Vital

Although power washing is a much more environmentally conscious choice with sprucing up the way your home looks, there are a few important extra steps.

Inquiring that the company has adhered to any state and city laws regarding water waste and the appropriate disposal is a great way to see which set the bar higher on their expectations and practices.

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