If you are a homeowner looking to wash your roof, you may be considering power washing. Before you make a call, it’s best to understand the differences pressure and soft washing. Pressure washing blows away dirt and grime with force. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses low pressure and specialized solutions to rid your home’s roof of dirt and debris. While both types of washing have their own pros and cons, they are both highly effective for your upcoming project. When considering which type of washing is best for your home these pros and cons will be vital and showing you your best option. While most people choose power washing without understanding what the process entails, homeowners who choose soft washes, receive a detailed cleaning with fewer damages. If you are planning to have your home’s roof washed, then you may want to consider scheduling a soft wash.

The Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

As its name implies power washing is a type of washing that applies a great amount of pressure to a source of water to clean your exterior surfaces. While power washing is a highly effective cleaning method, it can also cause a lot of damage to a home’s exterior. As power washing uses an extreme amount of pressure it can wear out paint, blow window seals, or destroy landscaping.

The alternative is soft washing. This cleaning process is also highly effective for cleaning your home’s exterior. This method uses a biodegradable chemical that removes biological elements and other stains without damaging the surfaces of your home. Therefore, a soft wash is an environmentally friendly process that is safe for use around your family, pets, and plants. Furthermore, this type of cleaning can effectively clean a variety of surfaces that power washing may not. As power washing uses a great amount of pressure to clean surfaces, these surfaces may become damaged under the pressure. Whether you are looking to clean your roof, patio, siding, or deck, soft washing is a safe and thorough alternative to your external cleaning. It is also a feasible process as it is not a pricey service.

Soft Wash

The soft wash process has revolutionized the home exterior cleaning industry by offering a safe and environmentally friendly product that uses a chemical process to destroy bacteria and debris. Initially, a soft wash was a cleaning method for safely removing algae from shingle roofs. Based strongly in the spray-and-kill approach, a soft wash is a more delicate process than its counterpart power washing. Soft washes allow homeowners to clean their exterior surfaces without causing damages or harm to the environment. Additionally, another great feature of soft washes is its ability to clean in between crevices. With more detailed cleaning, this type of cleaning can last up to four to six times longer than power washing. Therefore, a soft wash may be a bit more cost efficient than power washing, as it requires minimal upkeep.

Equipment for a Soft Wash

If you are considering cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces, there are a multitude of machines and equipment that you can use throughout the process. While there are simple machines, like the soft wash rig that come equipped with a tank, pump, hose and spray gun, there are several other options that have a more sophisticated composition. While both are effective at washing your home, a sophisticated machine allows the use of a range of cleaning solutions. Since the soft wash system delivers a potent mix of chemicals to treat your surface areas, more sophisticated machines may allow you to use a variation of solutions.

As soft washes have become increasingly popular as an effective exterior cleaner with environmentally friendly features, it may be the perfect method for cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces. Soft washes use specialized solutions to free your home’s exterior surfaces from mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains. While removing build-up from your home, you can rest assured that you won’t cause any further damage to your home or landscape.

While power washing is also an effective method of cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces, it does not provide the same assurances as soft washing. For example, power washing may cause damage to your home or landscape as it uses a high amount of pressure to clean exterior surfaces. Additionally, soft washes can be applied to a variety of different surfaces; including stucco, wood decking, wood siding, asphalt shingles, wood fencing, painted wood, metal buildings, and cedar shake, among many others. If you are planning on having your home’s exterior cleaned within the near future, you should consider a soft wash by Washh to rid your home of dirt and debris. You can contact us online for a free quote or reach out to us at 704.321.8000.