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Important Maintenance Services For Government & Municipal Buildings

Government and municipal buildings are commonly overlooked regarding important maintenance services. It is important for managers of government and municipal organizations to allocate the right amount of capital in their budgets to properly maintain their respective properties. If you are considering which kinds of maintenance services are important to include in the maintenance strategy for a government or municipal building, then it is wise to consider the list of recommended maintenance services below:


Parking Lots

Parking lots are an area that can get run down if they are not properly maintained. It is recommended to power wash parking lots of government and municipal buildings regularly. It is also wise to inspect parking lots for cracks in the asphalt in order to avoid costly repairs that may manifest themselves over time.


Building Exteriors

These can get stains from bad weather or wear and tear. Having power washing services on the exterior of government and municipal buildings is an excellent way to keep exteriors clean and looking professional. They still need to look polished and their managers need to allocate funding in the budget for exterior cleanings several times per year depending on the type of climate where the building is located.


Loading Docks

Loading docks are a part of a government or municipal building that can deteriorate quickly if they are not maintained regularly. If the government or municipal building regularly receives shipments, then it is essential to have the loading dock area cleaned and checked for damages. This is particularly true if it is located in an area that has severe weather.


Mold Inspections

mold inspectionMold is one of the most dangerous issues that any building can face. Mold tends to hide and then spreads over time. The spread of mold is the most prominent in coastal areas where there is an increased amount of moisture. Many times, the spread of mold is not detected until later than it should be due to the lack of in-depth inspection. What is particularly risky when dealing with mold is the potential health problems that it can cause for staff members that are regularly exposed to the mold. Managers of government and municipal buildings need to be certain they are having inspections to combat mold on a regular basis to avoid potential risks to the building’s structure and the health of its staff.


Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is often overlooked for government and municipal buildings even though it is one of the most important repairs that need to occur regularly. Be sure that you have a planned schedule to have regular roof inspections and roof cleanings. Having regular roof cleanings is an excellent way to inspect your roof for potential cracks or leaks that have started to form. Failing to clean roofs regularly can cause damages to the building’s roof to go unnoticed and manifest themselves into far more costly repairs in the future.


HVAC Cleaning

HVAC systems are important to clean regularly because they build up a great deal of dust and other particles quickly. Regardless of whether the government or municipal building is located in a place with severe Summer or Winter weather, it is essential to clean out vents and change filters in order for HVAC units to perform at the optimal energy efficiency to make a difference in the total cost of your building’s utility bills.


Snow Removal

Snow removal is something that government or municipal buildings require if they are in an area with severe winter weather. Having a strategy for the building’s snow removal is something that has to be factored into any government or municipal building’s budget to ensure that unnecessary accidents or property damages occur as a result of not removing snow or ice promptly.


Check Light Fixtures

light fixtureDepending on what era your organization’s government or municipal building was constructed, it may have light fixtures that are quite old. It is important to inspect light fixtures regularly to see if there need to be any repairs or if there are older bulbs that need to be placed. For light fixtures that are older, there may be some safety hazards associated with them that need to be carefully monitored or replaced now that safer technology is now available.


Clear All Drains and Gutters

Cleaning all drains and gutters is an important piece of property maintenance for government or municipal buildings. Build up in drains and gutters can lead to clogging, which can put unnecessary pressure on pipes or roofing and cause additional damages. It is wise to inspect drains and gutters regularly in order to be sure that they are clean. One of the most important cleanings of the year will be after the Winter season in order to remove leaves and other debris from gutters and drains.


Vandalism and Graffiti Removal

Vandalism and graffiti can occur at government or municipal buildings. The presence of vandalism and graffiti can cause any building to have a negative appearance for visitors and staff alike. If the government or municipal building that you are overseeing as had vandalism or graffiti recently, then it is best to remove the damage as soon as possible in order to make the building presentable. Cleaning or repairing vandalism and graffiti can be time-consuming and costly; however, it is best to invest capital in these efforts, particularly if a significant amount of the building has been damaged.


How Washh Can Help

Washh has a great deal of experience assisting with maintenance for government and municipal buildings. We offer a variety of competitive packages that can be tailored to fit your organization’s particular needs. If you are interested in designing a fresh government and municipal building maintenance strategy for your property, you should schedule a consultation with Washh in order to learn which one of our packages can best suit your property’s specifications.