pressure washing large buildings

Why It’s Important to Power Wash Large Buildings

Power washing is a necessity for large commercial and residential buildings. As we all know, the first impression can quickly become a lasting impression. If the structure of your building is dirty, then don’t expect frequent visitors to your home or a plethora of business to come your way. Keeping a clean and appealing exterior is as important as having clean teeth. You want your place of business to shine!


Power Washing Large Buildings

It’s not an easy task to clean a large building if you’re not working with a professional cleaning company.  Buildings are always under attack from wind, rain, snow, and wildlife.


Then there are elements, non-weather, or animal related that can decay a structure.  Pieces of gum or spilled liquids, mold, mildew, and even graffiti can negatively affect the exterior of your building. Once these stains start to add up – a building turns into an eyesore. Isn’t so inviting is it?


Now imagine trying to wash all of that grime off a large building that has many areas of unreachable walls and crevices filled with dirt. There is only one solution to your problem, and that is power washing.


How Does Power Washing Work?

Power washers, also known as pressure washers, blast out powerful streams of hot water, cold water, and steam from a pump to completely remove dirt. The flow creates incredible kinetic energy to break up the chemically bonded dirt and grime. Soaps free up the dirt and grime to be washed away.


Now let’s talk about the long term benefits of power washing large commercial and residential buildings.


Limiting Repairs

If left unwashed, building materials like brick can deteriorate after time. So those bird droppings, that mold, the algae –  it will build up and eventually an unpleasant exterior aesthetic wears away at your building and will compromise its structure. Power washing can stop this process before it gets a chance to start.


Property Value

Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, chances are you want to retain the structures property value in the event you wish to lease or sell the building. Power washing the large building will keep it’s curb appeal intact and maintain your investment.


Health & Injury

Perhaps the most fundamental reason for power washing is its positive effect on your health. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and pollen has the potential to put your health in danger. From breathing issues to sinus infections, letting these toxins take over your building without investing in power washing is simply negligence.


Don’t forget the sidewalks!

In addition to your large building, power washing the sidewalks, parking lots and walkways are also imperative to the maintenance of your property. It might seem like an empty expensive but preventing slips and falls for yourself or anyone visiting your property is no minuscule thing. Power washing can get rid of oil, mold, overgrown grass, or anything that could be potentially dangerous to the general public.

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