Fleet Pressure Washing Services

Many companies utilize fleet vehicles to enhance the quality of their company’s operations. For many businesses, fleet vehicles are more than just a way to get employees around. It is quite common that they serve triple-duty as mobile offices, rolling advertisements, and transportation for both products and employees. Keeping your trucks clean ensures that you are providing a safe work environment while simultaneously putting your best foot forward to both your present and potential customers while your vehicle is on the road. Also, keeping your fleet vehicles clean can even help you attract top talent by showing you care about your drivers and stand by the work that you have them do.


Maintain Your Fleet with Expert Pressure Washing

There are many benefits to cleaning your fleet regularly. Having a clean fleet does not only benefit your company image, but it also makes your fleet run better. Regular pressure cleaning is necessary for maintaining any fleet of vehicles. After spending any amount of time on the road, trucks and cars accumulate all sorts of dirt and grime. This often includes corrosive agents including road salt and oil that will reduce the life of your exterior and undercarriage if left unchecked. About trucks, clean trucks are much safer. Dirt dulls color and clouds lights, which severely reduces your vehicle’s visibility. Your employees work hard and should not be left operating in dirty and unsafe trucks. Be sure to regularly clean your fleet for the best results.


Clean Fleet Equals Safe Employees

Company owners often forget the safety relationship between cleaning their fleet vehicles. Company owners need to understand that they are employers and that with being employers comes obligations to keep their employees safe. Furthermore, their employees are acting as their agents and may run into issues with fleet vehicles on the road. If a business owner is negligent in upkeeping the vehicle and an accident occurs, it could cause legal issues that could become costly later on.


How Often Should Fleet Vehicles Be Cleaned?

A common question amongst business owners is how often their fleet should be cleaned. This question is not easy to answer and has to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Weather is one of the most common factors when determining how long fleet vehicles need to be cleaned. Another factor that is of great importance is the amount of mileage that each vehicle has. Certain maintenance issues will come up with excessive use and extreme weather conditions that fleet vehicles may be exposed to.


Where to Find the Ideal Fleet Vehicle Cleaning Service

Fleet vehicles are something that needs to be cleaned frequently, but with high-quality cleanings from experienced professionals. It is important to ask any potential company you are interested in working with regarding their former professional experience and overall industry success. By doing so, you will be able to find a highly qualified professional to clean your fleet vehicles. Investing in this research will improve morale and safety for your employees. Also, having the right fleet vehicle cleaning service will also ensure that your customers are seeing your best possible professionalism when they see your vehicles on the road.


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The professional and expert fleet cleaning team at Washh is ready to get your fleet vehicles looking new again. We have mobile pressure washing teams that can respond to any job regardless of its size. We are fully insured, follow all environmental regulations, and employ skilled employees to provide fleet cleaning services to our clients. Washh has an established reputation for serving clients with sensational customer service. Washh offers the ideal mix between high-quality service and affordable pricing to our clients. For all of your fleet vehicle cleaning needs, it is highly recommended to use Washh.


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By contacting one of our team members, you will be able to obtain information on the best equipment for your fleet vehicles, cleaning solutions, and a projected recommended schedule for having your fleet vehicles cleaned to look their absolute best month after month. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (704) 321-8000 or contact us online for your free, no-obligation quote.