Apartment Complex Cleaning

Washh is an experienced pressure washing company in the Charlotte, NC area. We provide high-quality service for multi-housing facilities, apartment buildings and condos to enhance the look of your property.

We have been providing commercial pressure washing services for apartments and other multi-housing properties including HOA communities for many years. It has allowed us to refine our processes so that we can provide this service with minimal interruption to the residents.

Our team has been trained to look for potential problems that may arise with pressure washing in a multi-housing or town-home setting. Some of these issues include leaking windows and doors, parking problems when washing the lot, personal belongings left on patios and balconies and residents entering and exiting their units during cleaning. Letters must be sent out to all residents to let them know of the upcoming pressure washing process. With our vast experience, we can help you with all these issues and make this project as quick and straightforward as possible.

Inspecting Your Apartment Building Before Cleaning

One of the aspects of our process is inspecting the buildings before we begin the cleaning process. We look for damage to the fascia and siding as well as any open areas around windows and doors. We can alert management to these problems so they can be taken care of before they become bigger challenges.

Even with regular maintenance many of these issues, such as rotted boards or loose shingles, may not be seen until they have deteriorated further. It’s much easier to take care of these problems when they are minor.

Apartment Pressure Washing Services

We provide pressure washing services for the exterior of the building in such a way as to minimize inconvenience or risk to your residents. The result is an exterior that looks like new. We also clean the outside entries or breezeways of every apartment and common area buildings. We can care for your parking lot and sidewalks as well as any other areas that need to be cleaned. The result is an apartment complex that will look well cared for and offers curb appeal to bring in new tenants.

If you want to make your apartment complex or multi-housing property look its best, contact us today or call 704-321-8000 to schedule an appointment for our commercial pressure washing services.