Pressure Wash Your Facility’s Awnings

Awnings are decorative elements on commercial properties that can offer a welcoming touch and enhance the appearance of a business. They also provide protection from the sun, wind and rain. Perhaps you have a business or community facility which allows patrons to mingle outside where awnings can improve their comfort level. Awnings can enhance the image of your store or business. However, they can also present a negative image if they are not taken care of. The fabric becomes dirty and dull because it’s exposed to the elements. Rain, snow and pollution wreak havoc on the awning.

Whether you have them in place to add to the décor or to serve a practical purpose, you want to take care of them so they don’t need to be replaced. Dirty awnings present a bad impression for your customers of a business that doesn’t care about how it looks. This translates into the idea that the business won’t care about them either. Besides presenting a negative appearance, dirt and grime can destroy the material over time.

Commercial Property Power Washing Services

Washh has years of experience in awning cleaning, and we know the right approach to get your fabric clean without causing damage. We use specific equipment and products that are designed to clean the awning without damaging it.

We provide commercial awning cleaning, office awning cleaning and cleaning maintenance plans to keep your storefront or business looking its best. Our pressure washing services cover a variety of surfaces, including weather-resistant fabric, vinyl, metal, glass, and concrete.

Left out in the elements, awnings will become discolored and dingy over time. Mold and mildew may form, especially in the folds of the material. You may not even notice it when you walk by, but it gives your entire business a tired, worn appearance.

When you have the awning professionally cleaned, it looks fresh and new. This gives your business an updated look without major expense. If you want your business to make a good first impression on potential customers, you need to keep it clean and well-cared for.

If your awnings are looking tired and dingy, contact us to schedule a cleaning or call 704.321.8000. Let us set up a regular maintenance plan so the exterior of the business matches the quality service you provide.