For commercial customers who are looking to get areas and items cleaned and looking their best, but are hesitant about using power washing because of potential damage, soft washing may be the best solution!

What is Soft Washing?

Typically people only hear about power washing when it comes to cleaning the exterior of a building or business. However, for areas or items that could be damaged because of the intensity of the power washing, this alternative could be the most optimal solution.

Soft washing is used when power washing could be a bit too rough for the surface or item that needs to be cleaned. This option in the power washing world is much lighter and less abrasive and harsh during the cleaning.

By using special nozzles and hoses that are made for “low pressure” washing, the same cleanliness, and luster that power washing brings can be obtained. Of course, it can take longer using this technique, but the peace of mind knowing any wood, deck, or more delicate items will be safe is worth it.

What Are Other Aspects of Soft Washing?

Soft washing is excellent for the same areas as power washing, including decks, roofs, patios, and siding, to name a few. However, this method of washing does maintain paint and masonry longer than if the usual power washing method was used.

Is Commercial Soft Wash Just As Good?

Overall, the answer is, “Yes!”. Although soft washing can take more time, the cleaning effects are just as good as power washing. Soft washing can even be a better alternative when washing delicate materials or surfaces. Traditional power or pressure washing may be faster, but a soft wash will soak in deep to the surface removing all deep ingrained dirt and grime causing the surface to appear dirty.

Need A Commercial Soft Wash?

Washh can handle all of your commercial soft washing needs. Whether you are needing a specially painted wall cleaned, needing special materials washed, or just need something extra detailed, Washh has the soft washing equipment to get the job done. Contact us online, or by phone (704) 321-8000 for your free quote!