Vandalism and Graffiti Pressure Washing

Graffiti may be an avenue for an artist to express themselves, but it’s more often the result of someone whose goal is to deface property in a negative way. A business that has been the victim of graffiti needs to have it removed. If it’s allowed to remain on the building, more will soon follow.

Graffiti removal is not always an easy task. Businesses may not have the equipment and products to clean the exterior of the building nor the time to dedicate to the project. Professional graffiti removal is the answer.

Pressure Washing Vandalism

Washh has years of experience with graffiti removal. We know that nothing beats pressurized water for getting the paint off the building. In fact, many times, no chemicals or other products are necessary. Steam cleaning under pressure can get the results you want quickly. This method is good for the environment because chemicals can add pollution and they make the job more expensive. In cases where products are necessary to remove the paint from the wall, our team knows the best and safest products to use to get the job done right.

We have worked with all kinds of materials, including concrete, limestone, brick, vinyl and more. We can remove the graffiti from building, vehicles, signs and other surfaces. At the same time, the techniques and products we use are safe for the underlying surface. You don’t need to worry about the integrity of the material being compromised, especially if you’re dealing with a delicate surface such as with a vehicle.

If you have been the victim of a graffiti artist, you want it removed right away. Especially if the message or image is obscene or disruptive to your business. Graffiti presents a negative image of a business that doesn’t care about its appearance which leads customers to assume it won’t care about them.

Washh promises quick, effective graffiti removal from your business, office, or organization. We take care of buildings and other property that has been damaged. Take back your property from the vandals who have left their mark. Contact us online today or call 704.321.8000 to find out how we can help you remove graffiti from your building.