Cleaning Gum from Commercial Properties

Gum often ends up in places it doesn’t belong. It can become a nuisance for any business. Customers may step in it, touch it or sit in it, which leads them to thinking your business isn’t clean or well-kept. Removing chewing gum from surfaces can be challenging, but it’s possible with the right professionals.

Washh provides professional gum removal cleaning services to get rid of the gum from sidewalks, walls and parking lots.

Pressure Washing Gum Removal

Dried gum that has been in place for a long time can cause problems. It often stains a surface and makes the place look awful. If you’ve ever tried to remove it on your own, you know how difficult it can be.

The professional team at Washh has the proper equipment and techniques to remove gum from all kinds of surfaces. Whether it be concrete, wood, plastic or other materials, we know just what to use to remove the gum. High-powered pressure washing equipment can blast gum off without damaging the underlying surface. Multiple pressure washing techniques and products are available, and you want a company that you can trust to use the right options.

Vandalism and Gum Removal Services

With many years of experience, Washh provides professional service for commercial and community properties. We stay up to date on the latest equipment and new processes that will get the job done with minimal impact to our customers and without damaging surfaces.

Rather than trying to remove the gum yourself, let us take care of the problem for you. You can trust our expertise and the equipment and products we use to ensure no hazardous chemicals or processes that could either harm the surface or your employees or customers.

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