Playgrounds are great amenities for kids and families to enjoy, but proper playground sanitization of the playground areas and equipment is highly necessary. This is an important step to maintain the look and safety of playground equipment.

A Comprehensive Approach Playground Sanitazation

A set of well-maintained playground equipment helps stimulate children’s minds as well as promote physical activity. It provides a friendly environment for kids and families. A playground that is dirty, neglected, and looking unsafe will deter kids and families from using it, however.

What all can we do to clean up your playground? Just about anything! With all the different types of playground equipment and specific cleaning methods for each of them, it can get confusing really quick.

Not for the Washh playground sanitization team! Our main objective is to remove all physical, chemical, and microbial contaminants from all of the playground surfaces. We use a specialized set of eco-friendly cleaning agents to completely sanitize all playground equipment.

  • The correct cleaning approach for playground materials
  • Expert results – clean and germ free every time
  • Only eco-friendly and kid-safe cleaning agents

With different types of playgrounds comes different ways of cleaning it. Whether you have mainly wood, plastic, or metal surfaces, our technicians can help guide you in making the best decision to get your playground in the best condition possible.

What Does Playground Sanitization Cover?

It will all depend on the playground. They can include swings, monkey bars, turf, tunnels, slides, see-saws, and balance beams. We’ll also include the sidewalks, patios, pathways and everywhere else that children gets in contact with.

Attempting to keep all these cleaned and sanitary can be overwhelming. However, professional washing and cleaning companies like Washh can take out the hassle and get the job done in a fraction of the time. With years of industry experience, our team can guide you in getting your playground sanitization done in no time.

Need Playground Sanitization? 

At the initial consultation, our team will make suggestions focused on cleaning the playground. Playground sanitation can be hard, but no need to worry. The highly experienced Washh team and ready to help you, now! To see what Washh can do for your Playground, please contact us online, or by phone at (704) 321-8000.