Charlotte Drive Thru Cleaning

Many fast food restaurants have a drive thru that owners need to remember to have professionally deep cleaned. For many customers, the drive thru is the only part of the store they see and judge an eating establishment, and it’s cleanliness. 


More Than Daily Drive Thru Cleaning

Although the drive thru is typically cleaned and sprayed down each day, this doesn’t take the place of having the area professionally cleaned. Although it’s easy to overlook or put off, keeping this area looking it’s best and free from grime, dropped food, and grease will increase the value drive thru customers give your restaurant. 


A Deep Drive Thru Cleaning

When the Washh team assists in getting a drive-thru deep cleaned by power washing, it helps business owners know that whether a customer is coming into the establishment or going through the drive thru the same cleanliness will be seen. 

Although daily drive thru cleaning is essential, having a set schedule for having a professional power washing of the drive thru area and parking lot can enhance the customer experience. 


Drive Thru Cleaning by Washh

Give our team a call, and we can help guide you on the best equipment, cleaning solutions, and the timeline for having a drive thru establishment cleaned and continue to look its best month after month. 

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help with your drive thru cleaning needs! Please contact us online, or by phone at (704) 321-8000.