Maintaining HOA Common Areas with Pressure Washing

As a homeowner’s association, you have certain amenities that appeal to potential residents. It may be tennis or basketball courts, park areas, a gym, swimming pool or an event center. These amenities make your HOA stand out from others and often brings in new residents. However, these features only add appeal if they are well-kept and maintained.

Pressure Washing Services for Community Common Areas

Pressure cleaning is a fast, effective method to keep those common areas clean. Professional pressure cleaning removes gum, grime, mold, and dirt in no time.

It’s important to schedule regular cleaning of your common areas. During certain times of the year, you may have issues from the elements such as mold, sap from trees or mud from spring storms. All this grime can build up, creating the appearance of neglect.

If you attempt to do this work by hand, it will take hours and the results may be average at best. Instead, consider hiring a professional pressure cleaning company that can come in and clean your common areas in just a couple of hours. The pressure from the water will remove all kinds of dirt and grime without damaging the underlying surface.

Many times, you’ll find that water is all that’s necessary to achieve a thorough clean with pressure washing. However, in certain instances, a mild detergent or other product may be necessary to remove stains. In these situations, Washh has the experience to know which product is the most effective and won’t cause harm to the building, the environment or the residents.

Contact Washh Toady for Pressure Washing Services

We have been cleaning HOA common areas for a long time, and we understand the distinct challenges that are presented in this environment. We provide flexible scheduling to avoid disrupting your residents. We also ensure the job is done right the first time.

You can contact us to schedule a one-time cleaning service if you want to freshen up the look of your HOA. You can also talk to us about providing regular service for cleaning on a steady basis, which will keep your common areas looking their best. Find out how we can improve your your property’s first impression by contacting us or calling 704.321.8000.