Pressure Washing Services in Huntersville, NC

Keeping a residential or commercial property sufficiently maintained is a time and energy consuming task. The exterior of any home or business is often the most neglected. Over time, dirt and grime can build up making any building look dingy and worn. In a beautiful town like Huntersville, that can hurt curb appeal, property values, and customer influx. Power washing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to clean most outdoor surfaces. At Washh, we have years of experience serving Charlotte area communities.

Residential Power Washing

Huntersville, NC Pressure Washing ServicesLiving in North Carolina has its perks: great sports, good food, and a temperate climate. To truly enjoy the warmer Southern weather, your outdoor spaces must be well maintained. Decks and patios are two places where moisture and mold thrive. Without regular cleaning, destructive layers can build up making the area look soiled and can even cause wooden surfaces to sag and rot.

Because of their uneven surfaces, concrete and wood are notoriously hard to clean which is why most homeowners put it off. The longer it is left alone, the more problems and expenses can arise. Pressure washing is quick and inexpensive. In a few hours, the entire exterior of your home can be cleaned and all the harmful layers removed. Most spots can be removed using only water which is gentle on surfaces and safe for the environment and your family. Washh experts are thoroughly trained and experienced in working with Huntersville residents to ensure that they never miss a sunny day outside due to an unusable outdoor living space.

Pressure washing isn’t just for patios and decks. Other surfaces such as sidewalks, retaining walls, and house siding start to look dingy over time as well. Power washing can restore your home’s original vibrancy, increase curb appeal, and even resale values. A properly maintained home will look better and last longer.

Commercial Property Cleaning

The exterior of your business is the first impression you present to potential customers. Just like taking a shower in the morning before making your impression on the world, your business also needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain a positive image. Washh has over a decade of experience working with local businesses keeping sidewalks, brick, siding, parking lots, and even signage looking its best.

In addition to making an impression, removing years of dirt and grime from exterior surfaces can also hep keep your clients and employees safe. Over the years, buildup of moisture, oil, and grease can build up on walkways and parking lots which can create a slipping hazard for your workers and guests. Power washing is an inexpensive and efficient way to remove those substances and protect your customers from falling and your business from potential lawsuits. Washh’s expert technicians are skilled at getting the job done quickly and efficiently. We work around your schedule to ensure minimal impact on your business.

Expert Pressure Washing Services

Washh has been working with residential and commercial properties in Huntersville for years. We are familiar with the unique needs of the area. As members of both the Power Washers of North America and the United Association of Mobile Contract cleaners, our technicians are ready to take on any job big or small. Call 704.321.8000 or contact us online to see how we can help you transform your property and enjoy your outdoor spaces once again.