Playground Pressure Washing Services

Parks are popular with kids and their parents. However, they are also filled with germs and bacteria as well as other hazards. Whether they are part of a city park, an apartment complex or a school or church, these areas must be maintained. Pressure cleaning is one of the best and most effective ways to care for the entire playground.

Pressurized water removes dirt and grime faster and more effectively than hand-cleaning. When water is applied to a surface with high pressure, it forces the dirt away without harming the underlying surface. Pressure cleaning can be used on a variety of materials. For instance, it’s a great option for basketball and tennis courts because pressure cleaning is an efficient method of cleaning concrete.

Playground equipment gets dingy over time from sticky fingers as well as the outdoor elements. Pressure cleaning removes stains and sticky substances better than using water with a cloth. In most cases, water is all you need because the pressure does the job. However, for stubborn stains or substances that require more effort, eco-friendly products can take care of the problem.

Expert Power Washing Services

Washh has been providing pressure cleaning services for many years. We understand the unique issues that come with cleaning parks and playgrounds. The job must be done at a time that allows for minimal disruption while ensuring safety of the kids who are playing. Safe products are used for cleaning that won’t cause harm to the kids or the environment.

Contact us to find out about the methods we use for cleaning parks and recreational areas. We can remove dirt and rust from swing sets, slides and other equipment while also getting rid of stains on tennis and basketball courts. Schedule a single cleaning visit to get your playground back in shape or consider setting up a cleaning time on a regular basis so it continues to offer a fun and safe place for area kids. Give us a call today at 704.321.8000.