Cleaner Tiles and Pavers

Pavers are an important part of the aesthetics of a residential property. You will find them along walkways, around pools and in gardens or patios. They enhance the beauty and functionality of the space and impact the first impression a passerby has. These pavers must be maintained to ensure they last for a long time.

The Need for Paver Maintenance

Pavers must tolerate the weather elements, such as rain and ice as well as UV rays from the sun and even chemicals from lawn care. Weight on the pavers from equipment and constant use can also lead to wear and tear over time. If not cared for properly, they will deteriorate, making them unusable and a trip hazard for your family or guests. The key for property owners is to notice issues with the pavers before it results in damage. Dull and dirty pavers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If they show signs of cracking or chipping, repair may be necessary to return them to their original condition. If the pavers have been left unattended for some time, it may be past the point of minor repairs. They may need to be replaced in areas where the damage is too great. We are a premiere company that specializes in caring for pavers in residential properties.

One of the best ways to preserve your pavers and the rest of your home is through regular cleaning. Pressure washing removes debris, mold and stains that can lead to damage. This step will not only make your space look better, but it will function better as well. Paver sealing is another step in preserving your outdoor space. When the pavers are sealed, they are more immune to the weather elements and other things that cause damage. The sealant blocks moisture and dirt from the grout lines, which would cause the pavers to buckle or break if left unattended.

Choose a Reputable Paver Cleaning Company

You want to find the best paver cleaning company in Charlotte, NC to care for your residential property. We specialize in residential cleaning and know the best methods and products to use to protect your pavers and ensure optimal results. We also offer flexibility in appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. You can trust us to do a high-quality job with minimal inconvenience to your family. You want a company that takes care of cleanup and leaves your siding, driveway, pavers, and more looking its best once the job is completed. With our many years of experience, we have the knowledge you need to ensure your outdoor area is kept in optimal condition. We can inspect your pavers to determine if any repairs are needed and clean them with an environmentally-friendly product if necessary. In many cases, you will find that simply using pressurized water will take care of the residue and grime on the pavers. If they have become stained, a cleaning agent may be used to remove the entire stain from the material.

Because pavers can be made of different materials, you need a company that knows exactly how to treat each kind of paver. While they are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they can also be delicate and must be handled correctly to avoid damaging them. If you need to have your pavers cleaned, sealed or repaired, give us a call today at 704.321.8000 or contact us online.