Patio Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

Burgers on the grill, the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. There’s no better place to be
than out on your patio or deck. Alone or with friends, the patio is an ideal place for relaxing, entertaining and eating. However, all this activity can leave the area looking dull and dirty over time. To keep your patio entertainment-ready, you need to have it professionally cleaned.

Cleaner Residential Patios with Pressure Washing

Over the winter, the patio may not be used very often. It can get dingy from mud and moisture, which
leads to mold and mildew. Tree leaves and limbs may be scattered across the patio or stuck in gutter systems, leaving this area unappealing or and nonfunctional. Besides cleaning the drain system and patio of debris, Washh will remove dirt and grime that can damage the area. Dirt and mold can cause boards to become rotted, concrete to crack and chip and other materials to deteriorate over time. The easiest and quickest way to remove the dirt is through pressure washing. It’s also the gentlest option with the right setting. In many cases, only water is necessary for a clean patio and spotless home. The pressure from the water lifts dirt and mold from the surface without damaging the underlying material. For difficult stains, a gentle cleaning agent may be used which is safe for your patio and the environment. Pressure washing gets under surfaces and in crevices you can’t reach by hand. Cleaning a patio or deck makes it easier to see if there are areas in need of repair before the damage becomes serious. Once warm weather arrives and entertaining season begins, pressure cleaning can help maintain your area. You may decide to have the space cleaned monthly or even just at the beginning and end of the summer. A clean patio makes for a spectacular outdoor entertaining space.

Charlotte, NC Residential Pressure Washing

While you can rent the equipment to do your own patio cleaning, you don’t want to overlook the
benefits of hiring a professional patio cleaning company. We offer reasonable rates and can complete
the project around your busy schedule. We also inspect your patio and can tell you if repairs are needed. Patios and decks are prone to stains, which can be difficult to remove. Our team knows the right cleaning agents to get rid of those unsightly stains without damaging the surface underneath. Whether it is grease, oil, mold or something else, we can remove it and leave your patio looking brand new. If you’re considering selling your home this year, consider pressure washing your patio to increase the value and appeal of the property. Studies show that outdoor living spaces appeal to buyers and result in a higher selling price. Let us help you make your patio a place everyone wants to spend their time, whether you’re selling your home or you want to enjoy it yourself. Contact us online  or call 704.321.8000 to schedule a patio cleaning.