Restaurant Patio Cleaning Services

Due to local safety regulations, restaurants have a special obligation to maintain a clean facility. In addition to the interior of their property, restaurant owners must also maintain its exterior, especially outdoor eating areas. If your restaurant has a patio, it is important that your staff regularly clean the space. But for best results, you should have professionals routinely pressure wash all outdoor eating areas.


Professional Restaurant Patio Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

If your restaurant has a patio, you know that it can take a beating. Spilled drinks, fallen food, bird droppings, mother nature; all of these can wreak havoc on your outdoor eating areas. As a responsible restaurant owner or manager, there is no doubt that you instruct your staff to regularly clean your patio. But this can be a very tough area to maintain, and proper cleaning often requires special equipment and professional help.

That’s where Washh comes in. Using the latest pressure washing technology, our professional crew will remove hard to reach stains, dirt, and grime that can potentially cause long-term damage to your patio. Without proper upkeep, boards will become rotted, concrete will crack and chip, and other materials will deteriorate over time. All of this will cause you and your wallet unnecessary headaches in the long run.


Need Your Restaurants Patio Cleaned?

For the best results, allow our professional maintenance crew to lend you a helping hand. Depending on your needs, we can clean your patio monthly, or simply at the beginning and end of summer. We will maintain your restaurant’s patio, so that it remains the hot spot everybody in town is talking about. To schedule a patio cleaning or to learn more information, contact us online or give us a call at (704) 321-8000.