Clean Your Retirement Community

Retiring to a beautiful community is the goal for many seniors. They have visions of well-kept homes, manicured lawns and modern amenities. They dream of a lovely place to retire and live out the later years of their lives in comfort and convenience.

A sweet retired couple decides to take a drive around their city to find a nice retirement community.The couple sees the entrance sign to your community. Even though the design is stylish, the dirt and grime has almost covered the writing. They look at the buildings with homes and apartments and notice dirt along the siding and under the eaves. No matter how nice the buildings may be, the dirt and mold and mildew will hide the beauty. As the couple notices the unkempt status of the property, they drive on by.

You don’t want this to happen to your retirement community. You want to show potential residents that you take pride in the property and you will take care of them.

Power Washing for Retirement Complex

You might be surprised at how much pressure washing can improve the curb appeal of your retirement property, apartment complex or town-home community. Washh can help you present your property in its best light. Pressure washing removes the dirt, mold and grime and leave the building looking like new.

When a retirement community looks clean, well-kept and cared for, it increases the appeal for seniors who are looking for their next home. A property that looks its best will draw their attention while one that is neglected will cause them to pass by.

Trust Washh to take care of your pressure washing needs. We have an experienced team that knows how to inspect buildings before doing the cleaning. They can find issues that need to be repaired so that the building will look good once it’s been cleaned. The team also knows what products and processes are right for your property and the material on your buildings. We use products that are safe for the residents and the environment while ensuring optimal results.

If your retirement community needs improvement in curb appeal, give us a call at 704.321.8000. To learn more about pressure washing or to schedule an appointment for your property contact us online.