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The Ideal Commercial Property Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your commercial property should be a top priority. Many business owners let their commercial property slip since it can be tedious to coordinate the required repairs and have a fixed budget to accommodate them. Commercial repairs should be done proactively rather than retroactively. The reason for this is that many smaller repairs can escalate to more costly issues later on. It is wise to periodically be checking your commercial properties for any required maintenance. When considering which commercial property maintenance is necessary for your company’s commercial property, it is wise to follow the checklist below to get a basic idea of repair needs your commercial property may face in the future. Here are the items you should include on your commercial property maintenance checklist:



Depending on the geographic region where your commercial property is located, it is wise to have the rooftop heating and cooling units checked at least once every three months. At times, air filters will also need to be changed. If you fail to maintain your HVAC system, you may have costly repairs or replacements. HVAC replacements can cost upwards of $10,000, which can greatly inflate your annual repair budget. By having regular repairs, it is possible to detect issues earlier and eliminate the need for costly future repairs.



Electrician works in fuse box. Switching of circuit breakerElectricians highly recommend annual inspections of switches, breaker boxes, batteries, wires, outlets, and any other electrical components. Make sure that there is no deterioration or cracking or corroding. It is also wise to keep vent grilles, electrical storage areas, and circuit boxes free of debris and dust. By properly maintaining these areas, it will eliminate major potential safety risks and costly repairs in the future.


Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom inspections are important when checking to see whether your commercial property needs maintenance. If the flooring has tile, it is wise to see whether there are cracked tiles or missing groups. Be sure that your hygiene protocols are in place and that your soap and paper towel dispensers are functioning. This is particularly true if you have a commercial property that serves food. Health inspectors will be more likely to give you a favorable rating if there are not avoidable hygiene-related issues in your bathrooms or kitchens.



Investing in proper plumbing maintenance has the potential to save a great deal of money and energy. If you are leasing out your commercial property, having regular plumbing inspections can also help you to retain tenants for subsequent lease terms. Ideally, you should be inspecting your plumbing annually to ensure there are not hidden repair issues that will cost you a great deal of capital later on.


Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance has many important components. Roof maintenance includes regularly scheduled inspections, the addition of reflective coatings, periodic repairs, and power washing. You should get your roof inspected at least twice per year. This is particularly true if you have snow in the Winter where your commercial property is located. The inspection should also include making sure drains and downspouts are clear of blockage along with checking penetrations and flashings for gaps or tears. Roof repair technicians should be trained to detect roof damage before it becomes substantial. Bear in mind your commercial roof’s warranties given that they can have a warranty of up to twenty years if the roof is regularly inspected.


Gum Removal Services

If you own a commercial property that has a lot of foot traffic, you are bound to have some gum leftover. Over time, gum stains can make your space look dirty and less professional. Gum spots also can become a liability if injuries occur as a result of their presence. Part of your commercial maintenance strategy should have a budget for gum removal services as the need arises.



If your commercial property has a parking area, it will need the paint to be freshened up with re-striping from time-to-time. Re-striping is not only important for professionalism but also for driver safety. Make sure to regularly re-stripe your parking spaces as it becomes necessary along with loading docks, roadways, or parking garages.


Parking Garage Cleaning

Large multi-storey underground car parking garageDepending on the size of your commercial property, you may have a parking garage attached to it. Parking garages not only need re-striping services, but they also need cleaning from trash left by patrons. Having a clean parking garage leaves a positive impression on your patrons, which is why it needs to be included in your regular maintenance strategy.


Loading Dock Cleaning

Loading docks are where the majority of your shipments will be delivered at your commercial property. To maintain proper safety standards, you must have these areas regularly cleaned. It is also important to have signage about regulations for this area so that employees know what safety standards are expected for them to follow. Periodic inspections should be conducted at loading docks to avoid unnecessary injuries or product damage.


Window Cleaning

Depending on the size of your commercial property, it will have windows in various sizes and locations. Windows are one of the first things that your customers and employees notice while they are in your space. Clean windows leave a positive impression that you are conducting the required maintenance on your commercial property. Depending on the climate where your commercial property is located, it is wise to schedule cleanings every three to six months for the best possible results.


How Washh Can Help

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