Pressure Washing in University City, NC

Keeping Charlotte clean is a big job. Time can make even the most beautiful parts of the city become dingy over the years. Sidewalks become covered with mildew. Bricks and siding lose their original color. The best way to return any property back to its original glory is through power washing. Pressurized water can remove even the toughest stains from all kinds of surfaces. Washh has over a decade of experience working with commercial and residential properties in University Area.

Commercial Property Maintenance


Sidewalks and other paved surfaces are the hardest to keep clean. Foot and vehicle traffic are constantly leaving marks, chemicals, and debris. In addition to the consistent mess, the rough surfaces are near impossible to clean effectively with a brush and soap. Pressure washing is both efficient and inexpensive when it comes to cleaning paved surfaces. From sidewalks and parking lots to tennis courts and playgrounds, our power washers can handle even the most difficult stains in no time, using only water.

A dingy sidewalk running through a beautiful grassy area is unsightly. But more importantly, without proper maintenance, the years of grime and mildew can build up making them slippery and a potential hazard to residents and visitors. Our Washh experts can remove the years of buildup for minimal cost without damaging the surface underneath. We can even clean playground equipment. We never use harsh chemicals. Most stains can be removed using only water, occasionally we will use a safe, environmentally-friendly soap to sanitize and clean tough spots.

Apartment and Multi-Housing Cleaning

Grime and mildew are not exclusive to roads and walkways, it can attach to buildings, walls, balconies and patios as well. Making sure that your property gives off a good first impression is essential to gaining new clients and residents; not to mention that regular cleanings can keep away harmful mold and mildew that may accumulate from years of neglect.

University City has an abundance of dorms and apartments which have unique needs. At Washh, we are familiar with the needs of communities and make it our mission to ensure that we perform the best possible job while causing the least inconvenience on residents and staff.

Before every cleaning, our trained technicians perform an inspection of the property looking for damage around doors and windows that may cause leaks during cleaning, along with other maintenance issues that may require attention. Small issues, if not repaired, can grow into much larger and more expensive problems in the future. We are not only committed to keeping your property clean, we want to ensure that it is in good repair as well.

Professional Pressure Washing Services

Washh has been providing pressure cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties for over a decade and we understand the unique needs of the area. We are fully insured and bonded and are proud members of the Power Washers of North America and the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners.

Our goal is to work with Charlotte, NC residents and businesses in order to create a cleaner, safer city. If you are interested in making a better first impression and keeping your visitors safe, call 704.321.8000 or contact us today for a free estimate.