Pressure Washing Services Ballantyne, NC

Washh provides expert pressure washing services in Ballantyne NC and surrounding areas.Life can be dirty, let our experts clean it for you! Pressure washing is the most effective, inexpensive, safe, and gentle way to clean the surfaces that keep your home and business looking its best. At Washh, we offer commercial and residential power washing services throughout the Ballantyne area.

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Commercial Cleaning

All business owners know that first impressions are everything. If your business doesn’t look its best, it will not perform as well as it should. Pressure washing is a fast, cheap, and safe way to make sure your facilities are always looking great.

Parking lots and sidewalks can get grimy over time and can become a hazard. Oil from cars can lay on the parking lot surface. Mud and grime can cover sidewalks making them slippery. Power washing can remove those stains and prevent accidents before they happen.

Pressure washing isn’t only for sidewalks, it can be used to clean up signage as well. If your signs are dirty and dingy, it can hurt your brand. You worked hard to pick the perfect colors and fonts to match your company’s image, keep them looking as good as the day you designed them. Safety and instructional signs need to remain visible to prevent accidents and provide directions. It only takes minutes for us to restore signage to its original glory.


Residential Services

man pressure washing timber floor | house exterior cleaningClean mildew, dirt, and grime from all those hard to reach spaces: no scrubbing necessary. Our pressure washers are powerful enough to lift most substances off patios, decks, sidewalks, and siding without damaging the material underneath. Most stains can be removed using only water.

Not only does pressure washing keep your property looking its best, regular cleaning can also protect it from deterioration, preserving, or even increasing, home value. Dirt, mildew and mold can create rot and cause damage to your property. The wood on your deck can begin to sag and weaken. Stone and concrete may begin to crack. Leaves and sticks clutter your recreational spaces making them non-functional. In just a few minutes, the experts at Washh can have your space looking good as new!


Why Washh

With over a decade of experience around Ballantyne, we understand the unique needs of the area. We understand what the rainy springs and humid summers can do to your property. When you work with Washh, you have experience on your side.

Washh is a trusted name in the pressure and power washing industry. We are fully insured and bonded and an official member of both the Power Washers of North America and the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. If you want to make a better impression with your patrons or increase the curb appeal of your home, contact us online or give us a call at 704.321.8000. Set up an appointment today to let us transform your residential or commercial property.

Washh is a local, fully insured company that takes the time to ensure your fleet is looking and performing at its best. Contact them today for a free quote or learn more about their Pressure Washing Services Ballantyne, NC.