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Playgrounds are great amenities for kids and families to enjoy the outdoors, especially during the spring and summer months. There’s nothing like an afternoon watching your children climb the jungle gym or go down the slide. But, endless touching and the changing weather can wear playground equipment out. Therefore, frequent sanitation is highly necessary to ensure the best quality, look, and safety.

Washh is a fully insured, local pressure washing company operating in Charlotte, NC. We use the best equipment and the right methods, so our team of professionals achieves the best results without causing damage to your playground equipment.

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How to Clean and Sanitize a Playground

Cleaning a playground with soap and water isn’t enough. You need a more thorough cleaning method as well as disinfection protocols to keep playgrounds safe and enjoyable for children and their families. Here’s how to properly clean and sanitize a playground.

Prepare the Area

A playground must be fully vacated to allow for a thorough cleaning. Sweep away all loose dirt, dust, and debris from the area. Cover plants and other fixtures that could be damaged during the cleaning process.

Apply a Cleaning Solution

Use a soap dispenser with a wand attachment to spray antibacterial cleaner onto the different surfaces. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes.

Scrub Down Surfaces

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surfaces and loosen up all the buildup. A rotating scrub brush attachment can also be used for faster and more efficient results.

Pressure Washing

Use a pressure washer to remove all the dirt, dust, grime, gum, stains, and contaminants from the playground. There are three different techniques for cleaning a playground.

  • Soft Washing: Use a soft wash system for smaller and more delicate surfaces. Keep water pressure at 500 PSI or less. 
  • Pressure Washing: Most surfaces are suitable for pressure washing. Use a pressure washer with 1,000 to 3,000 PSI. Adjust nozzle and water pressure accordingly
  • Power Washing: For parts of the playground with a large surface area, such as sidewalks or paths, power washing is a great cleaning method. Use a power washer with 1,500 to 3,000 PSI. Keep the water temperature at 165°F or higher to kill germs and bacteria. Hot water can also clean surfaces much faster than regular pressure washing.

Apply Protective Coating

Apply a sealant or protective coating to make playground surfaces more resistant to germs, bacteria, dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants.

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The Importance of Professional Playground Sanitation

A set of well-maintained playground equipment helps stimulate children’s minds as well as promote physical activity. It provides a friendly environment for kids and families. A playground that is dirty, neglected, and looking unsafe will deter kids and families from using it, however.

 So, what can professionals do to clean up your playground? Just about anything! With all the different types of playground equipment and specific cleaning methods for each of them, it can get confusing really quickly. For this reason and the reasons below, it’s best to hire a professional pressure washing service like Washh.

Achieve Better Results in Half the Time

Playgrounds are typically large and hard to clean. And, let’s face it — you don’t want to spend endless weekends scrubbing equipment numerous times. By hiring a professional like Washh to do it, not only will you get better results, but it’ll also only take a few hours to complete.

Our years of experience are simply unbeatable. We already have the best cleaning techniques and pressure washing machines to effectively clean and sanitize your playground equipment. Washh also employs the most skilled technicians to handle the entire cleaning process flawlessly.

Stringent Cleaning and Disinfecting Standards

We value the safety of children as much as you do. We have the highest standards when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Our cleaning solutions are EPA-registered and we always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) with respirator masks during every job.

Our technicians know which cleaning methods and how much disinfecting solution to use to properly clean your playground equipment. There’s no trial and error for us, whereas with amateur cleaners you can never be sure about the results.

A Pressure Washing Company You Can Trust

Our clients have come to trust us for all their pressure washing needs. As a fully insured and bonded company, you can have peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any potential risks or damage while we clean your playground equipment. We always put our clients’ needs first so we always aim to deliver high-quality service at reasonable costs. As a local business, we aim to help Charlotte, NC businesses, too.

Leaves No Residue

Sanitizing playgrounds yourself can be a hassle. You might end up doing a bad job and leave traces of rust, dirt, and grime on playground equipment. With Washh professionals, though, you can rest easy knowing no remnants will be left on any surface.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

More often than not, pressurized water is all you need to clean dirt and grime from surfaces. And pressure washing has been proven to use 70% less water than traditional methods. For tougher stains, professionals use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to reduce carbon footprints and keep children safe.

Flexible Scheduling

Your playground likely caters to children at all hours of the day. With our flexible schedule, you don’t have to worry about disrupting their daily schedule. Washh works with our clients to find the best schedule for playground cleaning and sanitizing. We are available to service your playground equipment whenever is most convenient for you.

Why Choose Washh to Be Your Pressure Washing Partner?

When selecting a pressure washing company, it’s in your best interest to consider reputation and years of experience. If you choose Washh, you are choosing a company that employs only the best technicians and uses the latest in pressure washing technology.

We understand our customers’ needs, and we are equipped with the right tools to deliver exemplary results. Make the right choice and contact Washh today to get a free quote or learn more about playground sanitization in Charlotte, NC.