Parking Lot Striping

It’s important to give potential customers the best possible first impression of your property. And a clean and professionally-maintained parking lot will do the trick. A well-maintained parking lot that’s clearly marked, well-defined, sharp, and free of dirt and grime will let potential clients know that you mean business.

Soon enough, marks will fade, and you’ll need to re-stripe the ground to get your parking lot looking its best again. While this job can be done in-house, it’s better to hire a professional company like Washh to do the work for you.

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Why Is Parking Lot Striping Important?

Ground markings are important on any roadway or parking lot. They serve as guides for drivers and prevent accidents from happening. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, ground stripes included. And, when the time comes, you’ll need to re-stripe your property once more.

Before re-striping, though, comes pressure washing. The two go hand-in-hand and should be done consecutively. Here are some reasons why pressure washing and re-striping are essential:

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Prevents Aging

Pressure washing removes dirt and all other contaminants on the paint, priming it so that new paint sticks to the old. The process also removes any loose or chipping paint. This is important because, if the old paint chips off, the new paint will follow suit. As a result, your striping will age quickly. For the best results, annual pressure washing and re-striping are recommended.

Protects You from Lawsuits

A clean and clearly marked parking lot keeps customers safe. As a result, you’ll reduce your exposure to liability claims and lawsuits by tenants or customers.

Saves Money

If your parking lot receives periodic pressure washing and re-striping services, you will ultimately experience significant savings in the long run.

How to Re-strip a Parking Lot

Re-striping a parking lot requires precision and attention to detail. You also need someone with extensive experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you choose Washh for your pressure washing and re-striping needs, here’s what you can expect.

Thorough Inspection

Washh will first conduct a thorough inspection of your surface. We will work with you to address any pre-existing issues that could affect the quality and longevity of our pressure washing and re-striping services. The inspection also informs us which products and paints are best used for the type of surface that you have.

Pressure Washing

Our team of technicians uses professional-grade equipment to blast away the dirt, dust, oil, gum, mold, and mildew that may have accumulated on the surface. We provide a deep and thorough cleaning to prepare your surface for re-striping. 

  1. Pressure Washing Methods: The pressure washing method we will use depends on the parking lot surface. 
  • Pressure Washing: For more durable surfaces like concrete and asphalt, we can use either pressure washing or power washing. A pressure washer with about 3,000 PSI can effectively blast away all the dirt, dust, and debris on the parking lot surface. 
  • Power Washing: If we are dealing with stubborn stains and buildup, we can use a power washer with a water temperature of 165°F for faster results. 
  • Soft Washing: If your parking lot has a more delicate surface like brick, we will utilize a soft wash system. First, a heavy-duty cleaning solution is applied to the surface. We will let it sit for a few minutes to loosen up all the accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. Then, the surface will be rinsed using a soft washer with 500-1,000 PSI. 

Planning and Measurement

If the current markings have disappeared, we will carefully measure your surface to ensure that the lines are straight and adequately spaced.


Washh uses high-performance line striping machines to deliver quick but precise results, even when working with a large surface area. Our machines have attachments and locking mechanisms so that there are no mistakes or errors when re-striping your surface.

Final Check

We won’t leave your property until the lines have dried. We perform a final check to ensure that the lines have been applied properly and the results are to your specifications.

Re-Striping Services for Different Locations

Time, traffic, and weather can significantly fade the stripes in a parking lot — and faded stripes can make it confusing for customers to know where to park. If you find that your property is in need of a re-striping job, hiring a professional like Washh saves both time and money.

Washh offers re-striping services for the following locations:

  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Roadways
  • Loading docks
  • Others

Choose Washh for Your Re-Striping Needs

Pressure washing and re-striping shouldn’t be done in-house. A professional company like Washh has more experience in handling this type of task. We can customize our methods based on the material we are working with.

Let our team at Washh take care of your pressure washing and re-striping needs. With the right tools and the best products, we can achieve fast and outstanding results. Plus, we work around your schedule to minimize potential disruptions. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about re-striping services in Charlotte NC.