Loading Dock Cleaning

Loading docks are busy places with numerous employees working in close quarters. It’s important to keep this area clean, which can be a constant job with trucks, forklifts, and other equipment coming through on a daily or hourly basis. 
To make it easier for you, hire a professional loading dock pressure washing service. The Washh loading dock cleaning experts can make sure that your dock is clean, safe, and ready for heavy-duty work.

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Dock Cleaning: A Safer Loading Dock for All

Because loading docks see heavy use, they are often dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. 

Dock cleaning is part of regular loading dock maintenance. Improper maintenance can lead to serious risks. Here are some situations that you can avoid by cleaning your loading dock:

Loading Dock Pressure Washing Charlotte

Loading Dock Cleaning Services

Reduce Risk of Slips

Greasy and oily loading dock areas can create slippery surfaces, leading to injuries from falls.

Meet OSHA standards for the loading docks and other work areas to prevent injury

Clean Up After Spills

Sometimes, chemical spills can create environmental hazards that require immediate cleanup.

Avoid Potential Equipment Problems

Slick areas can cause issues with equipment. Washh professional loading dock cleaning can help you avoid expensive repair bills later.

Improve Visibility With A Clean Dock

As workers carry heavy loads, they may not notice a slick spot until it’s too late – especially if your loading dock is dirty to begin with.

Why Choose Washh For Your Loading Dock Cleaning?

Washh is a commercial pressure washing company with many years of experience cleaning commercial and community areas.

We know what products and techniques to use to remove difficult stains and chemicals in a safe and effective way. The Washh experts know how to remove stains from surfaces like metal, concrete, tile, and more without causing damage

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We at Washh understand that your business must continue to operate, which is why we offer flexibility in scheduling cleaning. Call us to clean your loading dock around your busy schedule.

Let our expertloading dock cleaning services in Charlotte NC keep your busy docks clean, safe, and up to standard. Contact us online or call us 704.321.8000 for a quote. Put your trust in us today!