House Pressure Washing Services

Having your home exterior cleaned should be part of regular maintenance, about every 12 to 18 months to keep your house looking its best.

A quick pressure washing session, done in an afternoon can leave your home looking stunning. Raise your house value, avoid those HOA letters, and fall in love with your home again after a professional power wash treatment.

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Benefits of Pressure Washing your Home

Your home deserves to look its best, even if cleaning an entire house can be a huge challenge. With the help of Washh cleaning experts, it’s all worth it!

House Cleaning Services

Healthier Home with Pressure Washing

Mold and mildew, algae and dirt have a way of getting past the exterior of your home to the inside. They become a threat to your family’s health if not removed regularly. Power washing removes all of these things even in places where you might not see any problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait until you have problems to pressure wash your home. Make it part of your regular preventative maintenance.

Pressure washing the exterior of your house on a regular basis can prevent costly repairs. Mold and mildew, when left unchecked, will eat into the paint and siding. Regular cleaning also prevents premature aging so the materials of your home last longer.

Cleaned While You Wait

Washh offers reasonable rates and we complete the job while you attend to your busy schedule.

Expert Results, Every Time

Soft wash or pressure wash? Plain water or cleaning agent? Washh knows how to get under shutters and in tight spaces to remove all the hidden dirt.

Choose Washh For Your House Pressure Washing

Our experts come in with their high-tech equipment that can remove dirt, mold and mildew effectively without harming the paint or other features of your house. 

  • Professional pressure washing job every time
  • The right tools and treatment for sidings, shutters, windows, and other exterior features
  • Expert pressure washers process your home while you attend to your busy schedule

Call Washh for Your Pressure Washing Needs!

Washh understands the importance that you place in your home. That’s why our experts apply the correct house pressure washing methods and products to safely clean your home’s exterior. It’s time to rediscover a brand-new home underneath all that grime.

For your next house pressure washing in Charlotte NC, choose our expert Washh cleaners. We are fully insured and only use the best equipment and methods to clean your home. Call today for a free quote.