Stucco Pressure Washing

Stucco is a beautiful material that can enhance the curb appeal of any home. Its timeless charm makes it a common fixture in both traditional and modern homes. However, this unique material can get dirty just like any other exterior material. Everything from mold and mildew to dirt and algae can stick to stucco surfaces.

As a homeowner, you naturally want to protect your investment. Ensuring a clean and well-maintained home is a big part of that. Washh understands this need and can help deliver the best results with our stucco surface pressure washing services.

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Why Is Stucco Difficult to Maintain?

A lot of homeowners find stucco an attractive material — and for good reason. It gives your home a charming appearance while being largely weather-resistant, and it’s eco-friendly to boot. As with other exterior materials, stucco has its downsides. Perhaps its most unfortunate characteristic is that it’s notoriously hard to clean. Here are just a few reasons why that is so:

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Stucco Cleaning Services

Textured Surface

One of the positive attributes of stucco is that it’s not a flat surface. The cavities of stucco give it a textured appearance and feel. It’s this unique design that makes it a challenge to keep clean. Dirt, mold, mildew, and other grime can get inside its many pores and cause damage if not taken care of.

Stains Easily

A propensity to stain is another trait brought on by stucco’s porosity. Dirt and grime settle in its many crevices, leaving unwanted discoloration. It even stains easily indoors. Because of this, you need to clean stucco surfaces more often to prevent large deposits of pollutants, which can affect your health in the long run.

Used in Combination With Other Materials

Some homes use stucco only for the trim while brick or another material is used on the majority of the exterior. In these situations, you must know how to clean both materials without damaging either. Stucco is a delicate yet durable material. Brick can withstand high-pressure washing, but stucco requires a lower pressure to prevent damage.

Choose Washh for the Best Stucco Cleaning Service

A professional pressure washing company will know exactly how to clean your home without causing issues. They will know what cleaning products are safe to use on stucco and what methods will achieve the greatest results.

Hire Washh for fast, quality service that exceeds your expectations. Washh is fully insured, has years of experience in the industry, and provides expert solutions using only the best equipment and products. Call today to secure a free quote or learn more about stucco surface pressure washing in Charlotte NC.