Maintaining large properties like an apartment complex is a lot of work. However, this is the best way to avoid expensive repairs down the road. If you want your property to always look its best, it’s time to add apartment complex pressure washing to your preventive maintenance plan.

Expert Apartment Complex Pressure Washing Services in Charlotte, NC

Washh has been providing high-quality pressure washing services for HOA communities, multi-housing facilities, apartment buildings, and condos for many years. This has allowed us to refine our processes so that we can provide excellent service with minimal interruption to the residents.

With pressure washing, we can remove dirt, grime, mold, and stains that have accumulated on your exterior surfaces. We utilize tried-and-tested cleaning techniques as well as environment-friendly products to get the job done. Apart from the actual apartment complex pressure washing, here are additional services you can expect from Washh:

  • Inspection Before Cleaning — We identify potential problems that can affect the pressure washing process.
  • Collaboration with Management — We alert management if we see damage to the roof, fascia, siding, doors, or windows.
  • Experience and Expertise — Washh can help you with all these issues to make the cleaning process as quick and straightforward as possible.

Contact Washh for Your Apartment Complex Cleaning Needs

Washh will take care of your cleaning needs to make your apartment complex exterior look like new. We also clean outside entries or breezeways of every apartment and common area buildings, parking lots and sidewalks, as well as any other area that needs to be cleaned. The result is a well-cared-for apartment complex with curb appeal to bring in new tenants.

If you want to make your apartment complex look its best, contact us today. You can also call 704-321-8000 to schedule an appointment for our apartment complex pressure washing services.