Patio Pressure Washing

You’ve invested a lot into your gorgeous outdoor patio. It’s as good a time as any to give it the pressure washing refresh it deserves, and Washh pressure washingcan help restore it to its original form.

Give the centerpiece of your yard a professional house patio pressure washing treatment, and watch how your newly cleaned patio brightens up the place!

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How to Pressure Wash Different Patio Materials

The preparation phase remains the same for all types of patios — clear the area of any furniture or decorations, cover plants and shrubs, and sweep away loose dirt, leaves, or debris. The next steps, though, vary depending on the surface material of your patio.


For concrete patios, it’s important to apply a degreaser prior to pressure washing. This is to remove any oil or grease left on the patio surface. Spray the concrete area with detergent to help knock stubborn dirt and it is suggested to use a 25-degree nozzle tip to rinse it all off using a sweeping motion. A washer with at least 3,000 PSI is recommended. If necessary, repeat the soaping and rinsing steps. To finish it off, apply a sealer for maintenance.


For wood patios, apply a wood cleaner specifically made for pressure washers. Use a low-pressure nozzle for the cleaner before switching to a recommended 25- or 40-degree nozzle and a pressure level of 500 to 600 PSI for softer washing. For tight corners or spaces, make sure to use a brush to scrub the cleaner through. A rotating brush attachment will come in handy for stained spots. When rinsing, follow the grain of the wood beginning at the top and working your way down in overlaps.


Due to its porous nature, brick can easily absorb cleaning solutions and detergents. To avoid this, make sure to spray the brick surface down with low-pressure water first. After doing so, apply the detergent using a low-pressure nozzle. Switch to a suggested 25-degree nozzle to rinse off the detergent after letting it sit for 5 minutes. When it comes to brick surfaces, the idea is to use more detergent and less pressure (soft washing). Too high a pressure can destroy the mortar and knock bricks loose.


Pressure washing stone must be done on occasion to prevent damaging the material. For basic cleaning, apply detergent to the area and use a fan nozzle tip to rinse it down with low-pressure water. Bleach can also be used to remove dirt, stains, and algae. Make sure to use plain bleach with no added detergents or chemicals. Thick bleach is not recommended. After applying thin bleach, rinse it thoroughly using low-pressure water fed through a fan tip.


Tile surfaces can benefit from power washing, but there are many considerations you must take into account. Don’t use a power or pressure washer on tiles with gaps as the water can quickly find its way into the openings and cause mold to form. Too high a pressure can also damage caulked seams and grout, so make sure to use a safe pressure level along with a low-pressure nozzle. Power washing is also not recommended for porcelain or ceramic tiles.

How Washh Performs Patio Pressure Cleaning

We use a proven and careful approach to pressure washing your patios. This approach consists of the following steps:


Washh performs a thorough inspection of the patio area first to identify any hazards. We then provide you with a property inspection report before proceeding.


We make sure that your patio is clean and clutter-free. Any furniture, potted plants, or decorations are moved out of the way.


To prepare your patio for pressure washing, we remove any grease or liquid on the surface area.


We use a nozzle tip that produces strong enough pressure to clear your patio of any dirt, mold, or mildew but is, at the same time, gentle enough on the surface material.


Effective cleaning can’t be accomplished with just pressure alone. Here at Washh, we use a proprietary mixture of the best industry-grade detergents to clean your patio, tailoring the products we use according to the material.


To clean your patio efficiently and effectively, we point the pressure washer at a downward angle and use sweeping motions to cover the entire area.

Broom Attachment

If necessary, we can use a broom attachment to extend the reach of our pressure washer and spray water in a fan-like form. This is usually reserved for larger patios.

Why You Need Patio Pressure Washing

Nothing beats the industry experts when it comes to doing the job. Sealed patios, unsealed patios, and natural stone call for different treatments.

That’s why Washh only brings trained cleaners who know just the right approach to do the patio pressure washing for you. Our technicians usually come in teams of two (or more depending on the job), dressed in full protective gear to ensure safety. You can sit back and watch the pros at work, and be confident that your patio is being cleaned the correct way.

  • Save time and effort cleaning
  • Get expert pressure washing results every time
  • Safe treatment customized for your type of patio

Expert Patio Cleaning Makes a Lot of Difference

You care about the rest of your yard, but when was the last time that you had your patio pressure washing in Charlotte, NC? The dust, grime, and algae can make your patio slippery and unsafe to walk on.

Aside from patio pressure washing, we will also inspect your patio to see if there are cracks or other issues that need attention.

Here are the benefits Washh pressure washing brings to your patio:

pressure washing dirty concrete surface | pressure wash a deck

Safe for All Patio Surfaces

The pressure from the water lifts dirt and mold from the surface without damaging the underlying material.

Expert Results, Every Time

Pressure washing also gets into the stone pores and inside crevices that you can’t reach by hand. The result is a stunningly clean and safe patio that you can’t wait to show off to friends and guests.

Preventive Maintenance

We inspect your patio while we’re cleaning it, so you know if it needs resealing or where repairs are needed.

Cleaned While You Wait

Washh offers reasonable rates and we complete the job while you attend to your busy schedule.


Call Washh for Your Patio Pressure Washing Needs!

Your patio is one of the welcoming and relaxing spaces in your home. Keep it that way and make sure your patio gets the treatment it deserves.

Washh is a fully insured and licensed local company. Contact us today to get a free quote or more information about patio pressure washing in Charlotte NC. If you’ve been holding off on that patio pressure washing, now is the time to treat your patio the care it deserves.