Gutter Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Blocked gutters that can’t do their jobs is where your home gets into potential trouble with leaks, water stains, rust, mold and mildew. Avoid clogged gutters with a simple solution: a gutter pressure washing that the Washh professionals can do while you go about your busy schedule.

Keeping gutters clean isn’t always an easy task, especially for multi-story houses or inaccessible gutters. Let the Washh experts do a great job for you!

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How to Clean Different Types of Gutters

Gutters can be made of many different types of materials, and the approach to cleaning each one varies. Avoid costly damages by using the right tools and techniques for every type of gutter.


Run-of-the mill dirt, grime, and chalking can easily be removed from aluminum gutters using a soft washing. Apply the cleaning detergent on first before brushing the solution gently. For mildew, a bleach and vinegar solution should work.

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After clearing the copper gutter of any loose leaves, dirt, and debris, apply a mixture consisting of equal parts vinegar, salt, and flour using a scrub brush to polish the material. Focus on any tarnished parts, using a circular motion to brush the paste on. Afterward, rinse off the paste using low-pressure water applied with a recommended 25-degree nozzle tip.


Steel gutters tend to react negatively to cleaning solutions used on vinyl or wood surfaces. Mix 1/3 cup of laundry detergent for every 6 gallons of water, using a fan nozzle tip to apply the solution. For mold and mildew, mix household bleach with water in a 1:3 ratio and spray onto the steel gutter prior to pressure washing. Finally, it is recommended to wash down the cleaning solution using a 25-degree nozzle tip


To clean vinyl gutters, use a cleaning solution specifically designed for the material. Alternatively, a mixture of water and white vinegar can also work for mild mildew and mold stains. For more stubborn stains, combine one quart of liquid laundry bleach, 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner, 1/3 cup laundry detergent, and a gallon of water. A soft washing technique is preferred.

Pressure Washing Process Done Right

Gutter cleaning is often a tricky undertaking. But, using the right tools and techniques, even the dirtiest of gutters don’t stand a chance.


It is important to perform a thorough inspection of the gutter area first. This is to identify any potential hazards or damages before the cleaning process. Washh will then inform the owner and provide a quote for repairs.

Protective Gear

The sheer pressure of water can dislodge debris from gutters and send them tumbling down to the ground below. Hence, it is important to dress in the necessary protective gear to prevent injury. Washh technicians use protective glasses, hard hats, safety harnesses, and tether ropes.

Clear Pathway

As various debris can come falling down during the pressure washing process, make sure to clear a pathway below and cover vegetation. Doing so can avoid costly damages to your furniture and landscaping.

The Right Attachments

Gutter cleaning requires a set of wand attachments to reach great heights and get the job done. Telescoping wands are best for cleaning high gutters, and there are wand attachments specifically designed for gutter cleaning. Washh prefers to use ladders and lifts, along with a safety harness and tether rope, to get a better view of what to clean. For better results, our technicians also clean gutters by hand instead of relying on wand attachments.

The Correct Start

Begin the gutter cleaning process by focusing on the downspouts. Clearing the downspouts of any dirt or lodged debris first will make the rest of the pressure washing process easier.

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Why You Need Gutter Cleaning Services

Your gutter plays an important part in protecting your home. They collect and route water away from the places where they can do damage, like the roof and the siding.

It’s important for your gutters to be at their best condition in the spring, just before the heavy rain. Fall is also one of the best times to clean your gutter when leaves accumulate.

Doing the job yourself is an option, but getting to your gutters is no easy task. No gutter is worth getting an injury. Also, doing gutter pressure washing yourself could damage your home’s gutters and roof.

Why risk it when Washh has all the equipment and trained cleaning experts to do the job for you while you wait?

  • At least two technicians for every job for safety purposes
  • Properly equipped and trained experts can reach your gutters – no need for you to climb a ladder
  • Get expert results every time
  • Expertly cleaned and unclogged gutters, downspouts, and most types of guards

Benefits of Expert Gutter Cleaning

A professional gutter pressure washing, preferably done before the rainy season, will save you a ton of headaches later on.

Thorough Cleaning That Reaches All Gutter Spots

Pressure washing removes dirt that may be difficult to reach with your hand or a tool. A water stream can get around the gutter ties or spikes and other hidden areas.

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Save Time and Money

Experts cleaning your gutter system means your gutters take less time to clean. In fact, they are cleaned so thoroughly that you can go longer between gutter pressure washing sessions.

Preventive Gutter Maintenance

When Washh comes in and cleans out your clogged gutters, we will also look at the condition of the system. We will let you know if the gutter is missing spikes or sections that need to be replaced. If parts of the gutter system have loose, rusted, damaged or bent sections, we can also provide an estimate on the cost of repairs.

Cleaned While You Wait

Washh offers reasonable rates and we complete the job while you attend to your busy schedule.

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Washh has been providing residential cleaning service for many years, and we’ve taken care of hundreds of gutter systems.

When you need gutter pressure washing in Charlotte, NC, Washh is the winning choice. We are a fully insured and licensed local company. We stay up to date on the latest technology in these systems and know how to clean them safely. Additionally, we use a proprietary cleaning mixture that works better than most other solutions. Call today for fast and reliable service, done while you wait!