Park and Recreational Area Pressure Washing in Charlotte NC

Parks and other recreation areas are popular with kids and their parents. However, they are also full of germs and bacteria as well as other hazards. Playground equipment gets dingy over time from sticky fingers as well as the outdoor elements.

Whether they’re part of a city park, apartment complex, school, or church, these areas must be maintained. Pressure cleaning removes stains and sticky substances better than using water with a cloth. In most cases, water is all you need because the pressure does the job.

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Advantages of Pressure Washing Parks and Recreational Areas

Pressurized water can remove dirt and grime faster and more effectively than hand-cleaning. When water is applied to a surface with high pressure, it forces the dirt away without harming the underlying surface. Water is all you need because the pressure does the job. However, for stubborn stains that require more effort, eco-friendly products can take care of the problem.

These are the benefits of pressure washing parks and recreational areas:

Improves Appeal

No one wants to play at a park or playground that looks like it’s seen better days. Rust, dirt, and grime build-up reduces the appeal of these areas. With proper pressure washing, though, you can restore them back to their original form.

Effective Cleaning

When left to accumulate, dirt and grime can corrode materials and impact the structural integrity of recreational facilities. Pressure washing gets rid of stains and other pollutants with the sheer force of water. Add some solution for stains that are harder to remove!

Promotes Health and Safety

Recreational facilities that are well-worn and about to give in due to rust and grime are liability traps. They can be the cause of accidents or injuries. Furthermore, mold and mildew are serious health hazards that require pressure cleaning to remove.

Parks and recreational area pressure washing charlotte nc

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Washh has been providing pressure washing services for many years. They understand the unique issues that come with cleaning playgrounds, parks, and other recreational areas. With the best equipment and right cleaning solutions, they can complete the job with minimal disruption and, at the same time, ensure the safety of the kids. Contact them today for a free quote or to learn more about park and recreational area pressure washing in Charlotte NC.