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When an exterior surface or material needs a thorough cleaning, many immediately think of power washing. Power washing helps restore surfaces to their former glory by removing stains caused by dirt and other grime. But, it is not always the answer to your problems.

While traditional power washing is effective for many portions of your home, soft washing is often recommended for more delicate surfaces. This includes areas such as the roofs, sidings, awnings, patio covers, fences, garage doors, etc.

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Benefits of Soft Washing

Commercial soft washing systems are often more expensive than boxed pressure washers, but there are plenty of reasons why. Soft washing has some undoubtedly clear benefits, such as:

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Soft Wash Cleaning Services

Lower Risk of Damage

Both power and pressure washing use high pressure to clean surfaces. But, this high level of pressure can be too rough on certain materials like roof shingles and painted wood. It can even loosen the mortar between bricks and pavers, resulting in damages that will cost you more money down the road. Soft washing is a much safer and less harsh solution.

Avoid Leaks

Water damage is a huge issue among homeowners. Using too high a pressure level on materials like siding can shoot water underneath and cause leaks. Because these leaks are largely unseen, you may remain unaware of the damages until it’s much too late. With lower-pressure soft washing, you can easily avoid these problems.

No Discoloration

Another common problem that comes with high-pressure washing certain materials is discoloration. Increased pressure can cause permanently discolored brick, stone, and even concrete. Soft washing is a gentle cleaning method that promises to retain the material’s original color and form.

Deeper Cleaning

Oftentimes, pressure washing requires no cleaning products because the sheer force of the water knocks dirt and grime off surfaces easily. However, this usually only removes the outer layer of filth. Soft washing uses a combination of low-pressure washing and effective cleaning solutions for deeper and long-lasting results.


A popular argument against pressure washing, though incorrect, is that it’s bad for the environment due to the amount of water it uses. The truth is, pressure washing uses about 70% less water compared to cleaning your house with a garden hose, which is already an impressive feat. But, soft washing saves more resources by using even less water than pressure washing.

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Houses are built with a variety of materials, so you must tailor your methods accordingly. While it’s convenient to use a pressure washer to clean all surfaces, it’s also going to cost you more in the long run. With a combination of low-pressure water systems and specially formulated ingredients, soft washing is a necessary alternative to cleaning special or delicate surfaces. 

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