Restaurant and Bar Pressure Washing Services

Restaurants and bars have a unique challenge to maintain a clean environment. They must meet safety standards or risk being shut down by local agencies. They may also have a set of guidelines to be followed by staff to ensure the business remains in operation.

Washh professional restaurant and bar pressure washing can aid the restaurant owner and manager in maintaining these standards. Our experienced Washh restaurant and bar cleaning experts can make sure that your establishment is clean, sanitary, and up to standard.

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Benefits of Restaurant Pressure Washing

While you may think of pressure washing as a job for the exterior of a building, it can also be done in a kitchen with the right equipment. Here are some benefits of restaurant and bar pressure washing:

Clean and Sanitize Surfaces In Less Time

Washh professional restaurant and bar pressure washing can clean filters, oven hoods, and more surfaces in less time. We only use EPA-registered chemicals to sanitize and decontaminate surfaces.

We create a more sanitary place for food preparation while you go about your busy schedule. Less work for kitchen staff, too, so they have more time for prep work.

Create a Safer Workplace

Remove grease and oil as well as other residues with the right power wash treatment to lower the risk of slips and falls. Fewer grease stains equal lower chance of grease fires, as well. Create a safer workplace by hiring a professional restaurant and bar pressure washing service.

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Prevent Potential Infestation Issues

Clean restaurants and bars have fewer problems with rodents and bugs. Save yourself a headache in the future by keeping your establishment clean today

Improve Overall Impression of Your Establishment

Create a better overall impression of your property by keeping it clean inside and out.
Prevent odors by cleaning both prep areas and dumpster pads effectively with the help of Washh professional pressure washing services.

Common Issues Restaurants and Bars Face

As with any type of business, restaurants and bars encounter some issues more than others. Knowing the right approach to addressing these issues can significantly cut down on both cost and time spent.

Before beginning, it’s imperative to sweep away any loose dirt, dust, or debris first. This will allow for an easier cleaning process.

Oil and Grease

Food grease and oil are natural impurities in a restaurant or bar setting. Removing them takes more than just a wet rag, though. For loose oil and grease, washing down with soap and hot water usually works. But, for old or dried oil and grease, it’s best to go for something with a little more power. Use a degreasing soap to clean the affected area before using hot water to rinse it down.

Mold and Mildew

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, restaurants and bars can also experience mold and mildew growth, especially in neglected areas. To remove these health hazards, apply a detergent specifically designed to get rid of mold and mildew, using a brush to scrub the solution onto the surface. Household bleach and water is also an effective combo. Let the solution sit on the affected area for a few minutes before washing it down with hot water. Washh uses proven soft washing techniques to get the job done.

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Water and Alcohol Stains

When not dried properly, water can also cause staining. A mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water can help get rid of the water stains. It’s best to apply the solution using a spray bottle, letting it soak in for up to 15 minutes to dissolve the stain. Then, rinse down with water and wipe dry.

Restaurants and bars also usually serve alcohol, which can spill in different areas. To remove alcohol stains, use a mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Take a clean cloth, wet it with the solution, and then blot on the affected area. Repeat the process until the stain fades before washing down with water.

Dirt, Dust, and Debris

Just like any other establishment, restaurants and bars can also get dirty or dusty. To clean, begin by sweeping away any loose dust, dirt, or debris. Thick or stubborn dirt will require the use of a detergent or surface cleaner. Washh uses its proprietary cleaning mixture, which has proven to be more effective than most others. When using a pressure washer, opt for cold water instead of warm water for rinsing.

Pressure Washing Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars can benefit from a good pressure washing service. Give your establishment the treatment it deserves.

Hot and Cold Water

It’s important to know when to use hot or cold pressurized water for cleaning. Use hot water to melt grease off and cold water to blast away dirt, mud, and sand. 


There is a diverse range of nozzle tips you can pair with pressure washers. Typically, it is recommended to use a 40-degree or 25-degree nozzle tip for general cleaning and reserve the more powerful 15-degree nozzle tip for thick and stubborn pollutants. The 0-degree nozzle tip is rarely used, as those can easily damage surfaces.


Make use of different wand attachments during your cleaning process for more effective and efficient results. For hard-to-reach areas, attach an extension to easily clean high surfaces. There are also special attachments for gutters, such as the U-shaped attachment. Washh, however, uses ladders and lifts, along with safety harnesses and tether ropes, to more efficiently reach these areas. We also wash gutters by hand for better results.

Pressure Level

To avoid damaging surfaces, adjust the pressure level according to the material that requires washing. Concrete can take higher pressure levels (2,500 to 3,000 PSI), whereas the more delicate wood needs only low pressure (500 to 1,200 PSI). Washh takes into consideration the material and its age when deciding on a pressure level. More often than not, we use soft washing techniques because it is safer and effective.

Why Choose Washh For Your Restaurant Pressure Washing?

You can rely on Washh for all your pressure washing needs. We understand the need to use food-safe products and techniques. In cleaning greasy areas, we will choose products that are safe for the underlying surface and the air where food is being prepped. If you have outdoor patio seating for your establishment, restaurant and bar pressure cleaning helps keep this area attractive for your customers as well.

When you partner with Washh, you can expect the following:

  • A fully insured and licensed local company
  • Expert technicians dressed in protective clothing and gear
  • At least two technicians per job
  • An accomplished Job Hazard Analysis form before every job
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Thorough property inspections prior to cleaning
  • Customizable service plans that fit your budget and schedule


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