Restaurant and Bar Pressure Washing Services

Restaurants and bars have a unique challenge to maintain a clean environment. They must meet safety standards or risk being shut down by local agencies. They may also have a set of guidelines to be followed by staff to ensure the business remains in operation.

Washh professional restaurant and bar pressure washing can aid the restaurant owner and manager in maintaining these standards. Our experienced Washh restaurant and bar cleaning experts can make sure that your establishment is clean, sanitary, and up to standard.

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Benefits of Restaurant Pressure Washing

While you may think of pressure washing as a job for the exterior of a building, it can also be done in a kitchen with the right equipment. Here are some benefits of restaurant and bar pressure washing:

Clean and Sanitize Surfaces In Less Time

Washh professional restaurant and bar pressure washing can clean filters, oven hoods, and more surfaces in less time.
We create a more sanitary place for food preparation while you go about your busy schedule. Less work for kitchen staff, too, so they have more time for prep work.

Create a Safer Workplace

Remove grease and oil as well as other residues with the right power wash treatment to lower the risk of slips and falls. Fewer grease stains equal lower chance of grease fires, as well. Create a safer workplace by hiring a professional restaurant and bar pressure washing service.

Prevent Potential Infestation Issues

Clean restaurants and bars have fewer problems with rodents and bugs. Save yourself a headache in the future by keeping your establishment clean today

Improve Overall Impression of Your Establishment

Create a better overall impression of your property by keeping it clean inside and out.
Prevent odors by cleaning both prep areas and dumpster pads effectively with the help of Washh professional pressure washing services.

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Why Choose Washh For Your Restaurant Pressure Washing?

You can rely on Washh for all your pressure washing needs. We understand the need to use food-safe products and techniques. In fact, many times we may only need to use water because the high pressure does the job of cleaning without the need for additional products. In areas with grease, we will choose products that are safe for the underlying surface and the air where food is being prepped.

If you have outdoor patio seating for your establishment, restaurant and bar pressure cleaning helps keep this area attractive for your customers as well.

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