Commercial Patio Cleaning

Washh provides expert patio cleaning services in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.The patio is one of the first things people will see when visiting your commercial property. One of the aspects of business ownership that many people can forget about is keeping a business outside space looking the best. One of the ways that a commercial company can do this is by having building patio pressure washing completed.

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What Is Commercial Patio Cleaning?

Commercial patio cleaning can be done on many different surfaces, including driveways, natural stone, walkways, cladding, buildings, and even hard surfaces on the inside of a facility. Not only do these services give the chance to increase the visual aesthetic appeal of a space, but they also help with any safety issues that could arise. Businesses with patio areas like corporate parks or restaurants can benefit from using our pressure washing services.

The Benefits of Professional Building Patio Pressure Washing

white table and chairs | clean patioA driveway, parking lot, or forecourt of a business usually greets customers before they walk in. As such, it is important to put on a good first impression. Ensuring that this impression is one that is clean, spruced up and looking its best is one of the best things a commercial business owner can do.

So, what can a professional building patio cleaning offer you?

  • Save time and effort cleaning
  • Get expert results every time
  • Safe treatment customized for your type of patio.

Pressure Washing Patios Done Right

Patios add to the overall charm of any commercial property, which is why it is important to keep them sparkling clean at all times. A careful and reliable approach to commercial patio cleaning means using the right tools and techniques.


Washh starts every process with a meticulous inspection of the patio. Any hazards or damages will be reported and included in a quote to repair.


The next step in the patio pressure washing process is to clear the area of any furniture, decorations, and potted plants. This is to have an unobstructed space and also helps protect your items from damage. Cover any landscaping in the area, as the pressurized water can destroy shrubs and flowers nearby.


After vacating the area, it is time to sweep away any loose dirt and debris before applying a degreaser to the surface. This will help prepare your patio for the pressure washing treatment.

Cleaning Solution

 Along with pressurized water, we use eco-friendly, EPA-registered cleaning products to help remove stubborn dirt and stains from your patio surface. Our proprietary cleaning solutions are the best in the business.


It is recommended to use a 25-degree nozzle for effective pressure washing. This type of nozzle tip allows for maximum dirt and grime removal without dealing any damage on wood, concrete, and brick materials. For older or more delicate materials, it is suggested to use a 40- to 60-degree nozzle tip.

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The angle of the pressure washer matters a lot when it comes to dirt and grime removal. Point the machine at a downward angle, using sweeping motions to effectively clean your commercial patio.

Broom Attachment

For larger patios, a broom attachment may be necessary to extend the reach of the pressure washer. This attachment is used to spray water in the shape of a fan.

Different Types of Patios and How to Clean Them

Patios can be made from various materials. As such, it’s essential to tailor the cleaning method according to the material used to avoid damaging them.


To clean a concrete patio, it is recommended to use a 25-degree nozzle and a pressure level of 2,500 to 3,000 PSI. Apply the detergent and rinse using sweeping motions, repeating the process if necessary. For better protection and a longer lifespan, finish off with a sealer.


Instead of detergents, use a wood cleaner to safely clean wood without discoloring or damaging the material. Take a brush to scrub the cleaner onto tight corners and spaces. Use a pressure level of 500 to 600 PSI, a 25- or 40-degree nozzle, and a rotating brush attachment to avoid etching the surface, making sure to follow the grains when washing.


To wash brick patios, make sure to first wet the surface with water to avoid letting the detergent soak in. Brick is very porous and can easily absorb liquids. Soft washing is best for brick, especially old brick, so it is best to use a low pressure level to rinse it down.


Ordinary laundry detergent can be used to clean stone patios, but stubborn dirt, algae, and stains may require the help of bleach. Use only thin, plain bleach without any added chemicals or detergents. Wash down the bleach or detergent using low pressure.


 Make sure to inspect tile patios first before cleaning. Avoid power or pressure washing if there are any gaps or openings as water can settle inside and cause damage. Start with a pressure level of 500 PSI, as too high a pressure can destroy grout and caulked seams. Increase the pressure level if necessary. For ceramic and porcelain tiles, don’t use a power washer.

Need Your Patio Cleaned?

By using different types of power washers and cleaning solutions, the Washh team continues to amaze commercial businesses with our team’s knowledge, efficiency, and quick results.

  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • At least two skilled technicians assigned to each cleaning job
  • An accomplished Job Hazard Analysis form before every job
  • The best cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products
  • EPA- and CDC-approved chemicals for decontamination and sanitization
  • Efficient pressure washing without damaging surfaces
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Minimal work disruption

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