Commercial and Community Property Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Dumpster pads provide a useful purpose, but they often get dirty and disgusting. They provide a solid surface to support a dumpster for commercial buildings, apartment complexes and residential areas. However, they must be maintained or they can smell and look grimy.

A dumpster pad gets dirty quite easily from the spill-over of the dumpster. You’ll find food and trash all over the pad. Left alone over time, it can smell and even damage the concrete. As someone walks by and notices the noxious smell, it can impact their opinion of the business or residence.

If you’re a business or community manager, you don’t want to deter people from coming into your store or facility. A clean dumpster pad will provide a much more positive impression about how you care for your entire organization.

Reasons to Clean a Dumpster Pad

There are several reasons to justify hiring a commercial dumpster pad cleaning company:

  • Improve curb appeal – Customers will notice the smell and sight of a dirty pad; when it’s clean it will give them the impression that you care for all aspects of the business
  • Prevent injury with a fall – Often liquids spill out of containers when they are tossed into the dumpster bin. If these liquids aren’t handled properly, they can cause a hazard for someone to fall
  • Eliminate animals – When food or liquids are left on a dumpster pad, it can attract all kinds of animals, from domestic dogs to wild raccoons and feral cats. Many times, these animals may carry diseases or become aggressive towards humans
  • Reduce bug infestation – During the summer especially, bugs will accumulate around areas of food or other smells. Not only does this look bad for your business, it can lead to an infestation and disease

Pressure Washing Commercial Properties

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time to clean every area of the property as often as you should. That’s why you hire certain jobs to be done by professionals, like pressure washing dumpster pads. Pressure washing will remove dried and caked on food and liquids and remove other dirt to ensure the space looks clean and well cared for.

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