Pressure Washing for a Safer Loading Dock

Loading docks are busy places with numerous employees working in close quarters. It’s important to keep this area clean, which can be a constant job with trucks, forklifts and other equipment coming through on a daily or hourly basis.

Because loading docks are often dirty, they need to be cleaned regularly. Grease and oil can create slippery surfaces, leading to injuries from falls and other incidents. As workers carry heavy loads, they may not notice a slick spot until it’s too late. Sometimes chemical spills can create environmental hazards and must be cleaned up quickly. In other instances, slick areas can cause issues with equipment while fallen debris can become a hazard. Many businesses must meet OSHA standards for the loading docks and other work areas to prevent injury. Pressure washing removes oil and grease stains from surfaces like metal, concrete, tile, and more.

Not only is a clean loading dock a safer area to work in, but it presents a better image for the company. Vendors, customers and others who see the loading area will develop an impression of the business in general based on the condition of the loading dock.

Pressure Washing Experts

Washh is a commercial pressure washing company with many years of experience cleaning commercial and community areas. We know what products and techniques to use to remove stains and chemicals in a safe and effective way.

Pressure washing can quickly clean concrete and other surfaces in your loading area. It can get under and around equipment and other obstacles without causing damage. For issues like mold, dirt and dust, the area may simply need water to wash it clean. With difficult stains, we may need to use a specialized product to get results. You can rely on us to implement the best method.

We also understand that your business must continue to operate, which is why we offer flexibility in scheduling cleaning. We can work around your schedule so everything stays on track to meet deadlines.

If you want to find out more about Washh pressure washing or the process we use with loading dock cleaning, contact us today or call 704.321.8000.