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Residential and commercial property owners would do well to regularly clean pavements and sidewalks. A dirty concrete pavement can have detrimental effects on health, safety, and a business’s bottom line.


Common Problems With Dirty Concrete Pavement

Concrete pavements deserve as much attention and care as any other surface in your residential or commercial property. In fact, neglect can give rise to a host of issues. Here are the most common problems with dirty concrete pavement.


1. Drives Away Guests and Customers

A dirty concrete pavement is no good, whether you own a residential property or a commercial property. If you allow your pavement to become dirty and worn, guests won’t feel very comfortable visiting your home. It can reflect the way you take care of your own home.

Commercial property owners, on the other hand, can scare away potential customers and tenants. For a lot of people, the pavement is the first thing they see when visiting a commercial establishment. If your pavement is any indication of the type of business you run, prepare to lose the interest of customers and tenants alike. Moreover, dirty pavements can lower the morale of employees, as they don’t feel like they’re working in a good environment.


2. Lowers Curb Appeal and Property Value

Whatever the type of property you own, a dirty concrete pavement can lower its value by negatively affecting curb appeal. As a property owner, you naturally want to protect your investment. After all, for most people, real estate is one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. When property value plummets, you can say goodbye to turning a good profit when you decide to sell.


3. Causes or Worsens Cracks

concrete pavement issues Dirty pavements are not only bad for appearances, but they can also cause physical damage. When you allow your pavement to become dirty, it will stain over time. Mold and all sorts of contaminants will cover the surface. Before long, deterioration will begin. These stains will get into the small cracks of the pavement, allowing water to seep into the ground. This will result in expansion and, worse yet, larger cracks.


4. Unhealthy

Your immediate surroundings can have a significant effect on your health. When you let your concrete pavement gather dirt, mold, and other contaminants, they can fester. Bacteria will soon grow, and harmful toxins may even be released into the air. The mold itself can be an allergen and can even cause infections in people with lung disease.

If you want to maintain a healthy environment for yourself and those around you, it is necessary to keep your concrete pavement clean. Should a guest, customer, or worker catch something because of your negligence, you may face legal liability. And, as you may already know, lawsuits can be very expensive, even with the proper insurance coverage.


5. Unsafe for Pedestrians and Vehicles

Dirty pavements, whether on the road or the sidewalk, are unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles. Algae on concrete pavement, for example, can be very slippery. You don’t want a guest, employee, or customer to slip and hurt themselves. Not only is it bad for business, but it can also bring nasty lawsuits.

When you allow pavements to accumulate dirt, inclement weather can cause them to become muddy and slick. Vehicles might have a hard time passing through and even become hard to control at high speed. Again, it circles back to safety and the possibility of legal liability.


6. Shortens Lifespan

Some people might wonder how mere dirt can affect the lifespan of concrete pavements. But, the cause-and-effect relationship is clear. Over time, dirt and other contaminants can lower the integrity of the concrete. Cracks will form and expand. Before long, the entire pavement becomes unusable and a danger to the neighborhood. If you don’t take care of your concrete pavement, it will only last a few years before you will need to pay for repairs or re-paving.


7. Incurs Large Costs

All of the listed problems above carry a hefty price tag. For commercial properties, driving away potential customers and tenants can affect your business’s bottom line. A property value means you won’t get a decent return on your investment. In fact, you may even sell the property at a loss if you neglect it too much. When people get hurt or fall ill on your property, you may be found responsible under the eyes of the law. A court may end up ordering you to pay damages in addition to expensive legal fees.

Additionally, concrete pavement issues such as cracks and breakage are often costly to repair, especially when they expand. If you want to avoid incurring large repair fees, it is necessary to perform preventive maintenance such as cleaning. Finally, prolonged deterioration can shorten the lifespan of your pavement. If it is beyond repair, you may eventually need to replace it in its entirety, which is even more expensive.


Pressure Washing: The Answer to Dirty Concrete Pavements

Going through all the problems with dirty concrete pavements might make you feel overwhelmed. But, dirt is a pretty easy issue to resolve. Sweeping and washing every now and then can do wonders for your pavement. For the stubborn stains and caked-in dirt, though, you will need something stronger.

algae on concrete pavement Pressure washing is a great way to clean concrete pavements and sidewalks. The force of the water can blast away dirt, debris, mold, and algae without damaging the concrete material.

Though, it is wise to hire a professional to do this instead of taking a DIY approach. Professional pressure washers have more experience and are better equipped to handle the equipment. They also know what cleaning solutions to use on concrete and the different types of contaminants. Other than that, professionals can inspect the concrete pavement for any cracks and address them prior to pressure washing. Remember that water can make its way into the cracks and damage the concrete.


For Expert Pressure Washing Services

A dirty concrete pavement might seem easy enough to remedy, but not all cleaning methods have the same effect. Some may only get surface-level dirt out. If you want to restore your pavement’s brand-new look, pressure washing is the best option.

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