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Retirement facilities are home to elderly folks who are more prone to accidents and illnesses. One way you can prevent these, though, is through retirement facility pressure washing.


Top Reasons to Get Retirement Facility Pressure Washing

Cleanliness is a must wherever there are people, including retirement facilities and nursing homes, but not all owners use effective means to clean their properties and facilities. This often leads to less-than-satisfactory results and the need to repeat the cleaning process all over again. Pressure washing, though, is a safe and reliable way to clean retirement facilities.

Here are the benefits of retirement facility pressure washing.


1. Attracts New Residents

Pressure washing a retirement facility — or any building, for that matter — is a great way to maintain its aesthetic appeal. As time goes by, dirt, grime, and all sorts of pollutants can accumulate on the surfaces of a retirement facility. All of these things can contribute to the dingy and dilapidated appearance of the property. And, as with any establishment, a filthy or shabby look can immediately turn people off.

If you want your retirement facility to attract new residents and keep current ones, you have to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and charm. You can’t do that, though, when you take poor care of your facility. Retirement facility power washing addresses this very issue and can give the exterior an elevated appearance.


2. Preserves Property Value

Cleanliness not only helps attract new residents, but it can also have a direct impact on curb appeal and, therefore, the value of your property. As the owner of a retirement facility, you obviously put in a great effort, not to mention a large investment, into the facility. It goes without saying that you would want to protect that investment as best as you can. This way, in the future, if you ever do decide to sell the property, you won’t be stuck at a loss.

As many know, curb appeal has a large effect on property values. When a property looks awful and worn down, its value will understandably decrease. Thus, following this course of logic, it makes sense that pressure washing can help protect the value of your retirement facility.


3. Boosts Health and Safety

retirement facility cleaning Retirees tend to be of older age, which means they are more vulnerable to accidents and getting sick. When you run a retirement facility, you have a responsibility to keep residents reasonably healthy and safe. How can pressure washing do that?

For one thing, pressure washing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to clean a facility. Living in a dirty environment can be detrimental to a person’s health. This cleaning method can also get rid of mold, which is known to have effects on your health.

Additionally, grease and food stains can be difficult to remove once they have settled. These things can attract all sorts of rodents and pests, which can bring about diseases. When left to fester, your pest problem can grow out of control and drive residents away, too.

In terms of safety, pressure washing can effectively remove slippery substances like algae and oil. Retirees, especially those who use walking aids, tend to have a harder time moving around. The presence of slip hazards will just earn them a one-way trip to the hospital.

Health and safety are top priorities among retirees and their families. If you want to maintain a good reputation of being a safe space for the elderly, retirement facility cleaning and pressure washing are a must.


4. Extends Asset Lifespan

There comes a time in every building’s life when the need for major repairs and replacements arises. How frequent this need comes up, though, is somewhat within your control. Proper care and maintenance are imperative if you want to reduce the number of repairs and replacements needed. One way to do that is through the pressure washing of retirement facilities.

Many facility owners want to avoid pressure washing services because of the costs involved. But, when you look at it from a wider perspective, you will see that it actually costs less, in the long run, to pressure wash your facility.

When you clean your property regularly, it can prevent the build-up of pollutants, which can deal damage to surfaces and components. As a result, you will not need to pay for costly repairs and replacements as much as you would have if you had not performed preventive maintenance and cleaning.


5. Eco-Friendly

A common misconception many people have about pressure washing is that it uses too much water. In reality, though, pressure washing actually uses less water than traditional cleaning methods.

While pressure washing does use water, it relies more on the pressure at which the water is discharged. This high level of pressure effectively blasts away dirt, grime, debris, mold, algae, and the like. Using heated water (known as power washing) adds another layer of power, too, as temperature plays an important role in the removal of more stubborn stains.

Compared to other cleaning methods, pressure washing conserves more water and is, therefore, friendlier to the environment. Many pressure washing companies also use eco-friendly detergents and cleaning solutions as part of their routines.


Why Hire Professional Retirement Facility Pressure Washing Services?

You will typically find pressure washing machines at your local home improvement stores either for rent or for sale. Instead of taking this approach, though, it is infinitely better to contract the services of a professional pressure washing company.

Why? Because professionals:

  • Are more experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the handling of equipment, what nozzles and PSI levels to use for certain materials, and what cleaning solutions are the most effective;
  • Have access to necessary PPE, eco-friendly cleaning products, and commercial-grade pressure washing machines;
  • Are licensed and insured;
  • Can deliver high-quality results with little-to-no damages;
  • Can perform the job in significantly less time and with minimal disruption to your business and residents; and,
  • Adhere to stringent health and safety standards.


Want the Best for Your Retirees?

retirement facility power washing Retirement facility pressure washing is definitely an essential part of your cleaning and maintenance checklist. It is both effective and efficient in addition to being eco-friendly and cheaper in the long term. Considering all these benefits, it comes as no surprise that the service comes highly recommended.

If you are looking for the best retirement facility pressure washing services, Washh is the answer. Call us today at 704.321.8000 to learn more or contact us online to request a free estimate.