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Government building maintenance covers a lot of things. They require building maintenance services that are much larger in scope and scale compared to homes. When it comes to municipal building maintenance, however, nothing should be overlooked. For government managers, these services factor into their budget in a big way.


Government Building Maintenance: A Checklist of 10 Common Services

It is important for managers of government and municipal organizations to allocate the right amount of capital in their budgets to properly maintain their respective properties. If you’re a government building maintenance officer, you already have an idea which services are budget priorities. It takes experience to know which kinds of government building maintenance services are important. After that, there is the matter of including them in a maintenance strategy.

Hopefully, the following checklist gives you a good starting point. Consider the list of recommended maintenance services below:


1. Parking Lot Maintenance

basement parking lot | government building maintenanceFailing to properly maintain a parking lot can cause it to look run-down. Weeds and algae can take over a neglected parking lot, making it look unsafe. A run-down parking lot can get slippery to walk on and present a hazard for visitors. Over time, parking lot stripes can wear down and disappear, as well.

It is recommended to power wash parking lots of government and municipal buildings regularly. The parking lot may also require re-striping services as well to keep it organized. It is also wise to inspect parking lots for cracks in the asphalt. Regular cleaning and inspection can avoid costly repairs later on.


2. Building Exterior Cleaning

These can get stains from bad weather or wear and tear. Government buildings that look dull, stained, and otherwise neglected are uninspiring places to work in. Employee morale aside, these stains and accumulated dirt and grime can lead to problems later on. Stains on siding can turn out to be mold and mildew. In time, these can strip the paint off of a building exterior. Moisture stains can also be the starting point for rust to form.

Having power washing services on the exterior of government and municipal buildings is an excellent way to keep exteriors clean and looking professional. They still need to look polished and their managers need to allocate funding in the budget for exterior cleanings several times per year depending on the type of climate where the building is located.


3. Loading Dock Maintenance

Loading docks are a part of a government or municipal building that can deteriorate quickly if they are not maintained regularly. A neglected delivery dock is one that might be the site of an accident later on. Accumulated grease, algae, mold, and mud can make a ramp dangerous for workers and equipment alike.

If the government or municipal building regularly receives shipments, then it is essential to have the loading dock area cleaned and checked for damages. This is particularly true if it is located in an area that has severe weather.


4. Mold Inspections

looking molds through magnifying glass | municipal building maintenance Mold is one of the most dangerous issues that any building can face. It tends to hide and then spread over time. The spread of mold is the most prominent in coastal areas where there is an increased amount of moisture. Many times, the spread of mold goes undetected. Oftentimes, an inspection only exposes extensive mold growth only when it starts causing serious issues.

Mold can cause potential health problems for staff members that use the building. Managers of government and municipal buildings need to be certain they are having inspections to combat mold on a regular basis to avoid potential risks to the building’s structure and the health of its staff.


5. Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is often overlooked for government and municipal buildings. Failing to clean roofs regularly also means that a long time passes before someone inspects the roof. By then, roof damage often goes unnoticed long enough to manifest themselves into far more costly repairs in the future.

Be sure that you have a planned schedule to have regular roof inspections and roof cleanings. Having regular roof cleanings is an excellent way to inspect your roof for potential cracks or leaks that have started to form.


6. HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

HVAC systems are important to clean regularly because they build up a great deal of dust and other particles quickly. Clogged HVAC lines and systems can result in degraded cooling and heating performance. Contaminated HVAC lines can cause health issues, as well.

Regardless of whether the government or municipal building is located in a place with severe Summer or Winter weather, it is essential to clean out vents and change filters in order for HVAC units to perform at the optimal energy efficiency to make a difference in the total cost of your building’s utility bills.


7. Snow Removal

Snow removal is something that government or municipal buildings require if they are in an area with severe winter weather. Have a strategy for the building’s snow removal. It is something that has to be factored into any government or municipal building’s budget ahead of the wintertime. This way, you can ensure that no unnecessary accidents or property damages occur as a result of not removing snow or ice promptly.


8. Check Light Fixtures

worker fixing lights | building maintenance services Depending on what era your organization’s government or municipal building was constructed, it may have light fixtures that are quite old. It is important to inspect light fixtures regularly to see if any repairs are needed or if there are older bulbs that need replacing.

For light fixtures that are older, there may be some safety hazards associated with them that need to be carefully monitored or replaced now that safer technology is now available.


9. Clearing and Inspection of Drains and Gutters

Cleaning all drains and gutters is an important piece of property maintenance for government or municipal buildings. Build up in drains and gutters can lead to clogging, which can put unnecessary pressure on pipes or roofing and cause additional damage. In turn, these leaking pipes lead to moisture and mold problems later on.

It is wise to inspect drains and gutters regularly in order to be sure that they are clean. One of the most important cleanings of the year will be after the winter season to remove leaves and other debris from gutters and drains.


10. Vandalism and Graffiti Removal

unknown man vandalising wall | government building maintenanceVandalism and graffiti can occur at government or municipal buildings. The presence of vandalism and graffiti can cause any building to have a negative appearance for visitors and staff alike. If the government or municipal building that you are overseeing has had vandalism or graffiti recently, then it is best to remove the damage as soon as possible to make the building look presentable.

Cleaning or repairing vandalism and graffiti can be time-consuming and costly; however, it is best to invest capital in these efforts, particularly if a significant amount of the building has been damaged.


How Washh Can Help With Government Building Maintenance

When it comes to government building maintenance, the Washh expertise can go a long way. We have trained, equipped, and insured pressure washing and power washing experts. They are also trained to spot trouble in roofs, gutter systems, and other facilities before they turn into major issues. They can make sure that your government and municipal buildings are clean, inspected, and in good working order. Plus, they are professionals who can work around the busy schedule of government offices. For building and maintenance services, give us a call anytime.