House Cleaning best time to pressure wash a house

Pressure washing is an effective and efficient way to clean the exterior of any home. But, when exactly is the best time to pressure wash a house? Keep reading to find out.


Is Pressure Washing a House Safe?

Before we get into the best time to pressure wash a house, we must first ask the question: should we be doing it? Is pressure washing your home safe or is pressure washing reserved for commercial facilities? After all, commercial buildings are capable of withstanding high pressures because they’re built with more durable materials.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t pressure wash a home. It’s perfectly safe when done correctly. Moreover, it can even extend the lifespan of your siding as it removes dirt and debris. On the other hand, remember to take the necessary precautions beforehand to avoid damaging your home.

Remember to use the correct setting for the right surfaces. It’s also important to utilize the right pressure washing techniques to prevent damage.


When Is the Best Time to Pressure Wash Your House?

Cleaning the inside of a home usually takes place during the springtime. But, when it comes to pressure washing the exterior of a home, is there also a time deemed to be the most opportune? When is the best time to pressure wash your house?

Ideally, the best time to power wash house is on a day with lots of sunshine and in mild temperatures. Sunshine helps dry the surface faster, whereas mild temperatures mean you won’t have to work under blazing hot or freezing cold temperatures. It just makes the job more comfortable overall.


The Best Time: Power Wash House in Spring or Fall

When is pressure washing season? The best time of year to pressure wash house is between March and November. During this window, there is no snow, and temperatures are more manageable.

If you want to be more specific, the best season for pressure washing is in late spring. It’s also the best time to pressure wash driveway areas. This is so you can wait for all of the pollen to settle down, allowing you to wash them away through pressure washing. Late spring is also a good idea because it is well past winter.

Speaking of which, try to avoid power washing during the winter season. Low temperatures can freeze the water and cause even further damage to the home. Moreover, the pump and other parts of the washer may freeze, resulting in a damaged washer with a void warranty. Cleaning chemicals are also less effective during the winter. If you truly need to pressure wash your home during this season, it’s best to hire a professional.

Finally, while surfaces might dry faster during the summer, it’s also not the ideal season to pressure wash your house. This is because certain chemicals may emit fumes that are harmful to your health at high temperatures. Furthermore, it’s harder to remove grime and dirt in the summer heat. The water will also dry faster, leaving streaks on various surfaces.


What Is the Best Time of Day to Pressure Wash a House?

best time for pressure washing Now that you have picked a date during pressure washing season, it is time to decide what time of day to pressure wash your house.

Generally, you can pressure wash your home any time of the day from dawn until dusk. But, the best time to pressure wash a house is when there is still sunlight. This way, you won’t have to work in the dark. Morning is great because temperatures aren’t too hot yet, and you have enough sunlight to dry the surface quicker.

It is important to keep in mind, though, that sunlight can also pose some challenges. The shadows can interfere with your view of the second story, so it is easy to miss a few spots.

As such, it is better to hire professional pressure washers as they typically have experience pressure washing in all kinds of weather conditions. Some can even pressure wash homes at night.


How Often Should You Pressure Wash a House?

Houses can accumulate a lot of dirt, mold, algae, and organic materials over time. These not only affect the appearance of the house’s exterior, but they can speed up the deterioration process of the underlying material.

As a general rule, it is best to have your house pressure washed at least once a year. But, if you notice that pollutants are building up rapidly, it is well within your interest to move up the date of the pressure washing.

The location of your house can also influence how often you should pressure wash it. For instance, if you live next to a highway or on a dirt road, your house will naturally experience more dirt and dust buildup. If you live in an area with a dry or humid climate, the siding of your house is more vulnerable to mold and mildew. This will require you to wash your house more often.

Another factor that may push for more frequent washing is nature. If your house is close to trees, you will also need to pressure wash it more often.

This is because the sap from trees can damage the siding of your home. Additionally, if the tree is located directly above your roof, fallen leaves can clog your gutters. While you can unblock your gutters using other means, pressure washing is a good way to do it, too.

Finally, certain weather conditions may also trigger pressure washing. Heavy rain and strong winds can cause dirt to accumulate on the exterior of your home at a much faster rate. Thus, after a major storm, make sure to check the condition of your house. If you think it needs cleaning, then schedule a time for pressure washing.


Professional vs DIY Pressure Washing

Apart from knowing how to work with shadows, professional pressure washers are a much better option than a DIY approach for the following reasons:

  • Experience and expertise. Professionals have more knowledge and hands-on experience when it comes to pressure washing. These allow them to get the job done in a more efficient and effective manner without damaging the property.
  • High-grade equipment. While you can rent pressure washers at your local home improvement store, the power they have is nowhere near those commercial-grade ones that professionals use. Professionals also have access to different attachments and nozzles, which helps achieve better results.
  • best time to power wash a house Cleaning solutions. Pressure washing often requires the help of a cleaning detergent. The type of detergent you use can have an impact on the material of the home. Use the wrong one, and it can cause irreversible damage. Fortunately, professionals know just which solutions to use depending on the material and condition of the surface.
  • Anytime. Professional companies can work around your schedule and complete the job any time of day or week. That means you won’t need to spend your precious Saturday cleaning your house. Just sit back, relax, and let the experts do the work.


Best Time to Pressure Wash a House: Answered!

While there are a number of possible times to pressure wash your house, the best time is to do it at the first sign of organic buildup. Pressure washing projects can take place in almost any weather condition, so it’s a very flexible activity. But, if you find yourself needing to pressure wash your home, remember that it is a good idea to outsource the job to professionals instead of trying to do it on your own.

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