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If you have never come across power washing before, you probably don’t know what it is and how it can benefit you as a homeowner. Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is normal to have questions about something you have never encountered. See some of the most frequently asked questions about power washing a house answered below.


Common Questions When Power Washing a House

Power washing is one of the leading methods of cleaning the outside of a home. A power washer uses a high-powered stream of water to remove dirt and grime from the siding or bricks of a home. Because of the ease in how the power washer is used, the job can typically be completed in one visit. However, the effects and results always leave customers shocked that power washing can make a home look new.


Power Washing vs Pressure Washing: What Is the Difference?

cleaning dirty wall with high pressure water jet | power washing your housePeople often confuse these two terms, and for good reason. Power washing and pressure washing use the same general process. They both use jets to spew out pressurized water for cleaning. The only real difference between them is temperature. In other words, the amount of heat they use.

Pressure washing does not use heated water, though it may come out slightly warm due to the sheer pressure of the jet. On the other hand, power washing uses heated water, to begin with. Hot water is more effective for blasting away dirt and grime from surfaces.


When Is It Best to Power Wash a Home?

High Pressure Cleaning of Wall House | how to power wash your houseSometimes, it can be hard to know when it is time to power wash your home. Is it really dirty enough for a power wash or should you wait for it to get even dirtier? What are the signs to look out for that let you know it is time for a power washing?

The first thing you must do is take a look at your home on a sunny day. See if it still has the same luster it once had. If the answer is “no,” then it is time to schedule a power washing for your home.

You should also watch out for any contaminants or growths building up on your home’s interior and exterior. If you spot mold, mildew, or algae accumulation, call a power washing service before things get worse.

When it comes to picking a time of the year, keep in mind that your house needs time to dry. Your house is going to need at least 24 hours to fully dry up. Don’t worry — it is not in any way “ruined” or less effective if, after the power washing, there are natural weather occurrences. Either way, the power washing will remove the dirt and grime and give you back an impressive, great-looking home.


How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Spraying of high pressure water on siding and brick work on the side of a building | power wash your homeSome people schedule regular power washing for their houses, but there is really no fixed timeframe on how often you should do this. Whether your home requires a power wash depends on the situation. Weather and other factors can affect the state of your house. When it comes to power washing a house, the best precaution is to check your home for signs on the regular.

All in all, it is pretty hard to “overwash” a home. Having a trusted company come and have a look to ensure a power wash would be a good solution for your home is the best thing a homeowner can do.


Does Your Home Need Power Washing?

One of the best ways that a homeowner can tell if power washing is needed is by running their finger along with the siding or brick. If dirt and grime get built up and you can see the line your finger ran along, this is a good indicator that a “scrub down” with a power washer would be beneficial.


How Do You Power Wash Your Home?

If you are wondering how to power wash your house, there are a couple of ways. The first is to do it yourself. This method requires some level of knowledge and expertise to accomplish flawlessly. It also demands your own power washing machine, which does not come cheap if you want the high-quality kind. If you do manage to get your hands on one, there are some key things you must remember:

  • Use the right detergent (if any)
  • Power wash from the right distance
  • Use the right nozzle
  • Tailor your method according to the surface material

Of course, the second way is more convenient and much cheaper in the long run. Hire a professional. A professional will know all of the above points and have no trouble power washing your house for you. They can effectively clean different parts of your home without risking damage. By hiring a professional, you’ll save time, money, and possibly yourself (from injury).


Which Areas of a House Can Be Power Washed?

A majority of a house can be cleaned using a power washer. This includes sidings, roofs, wooden decks, gutters, and even outdoor concrete surfaces like patios and driveways. In addition to concrete, a power washer can also be used on aluminum, brick, wood, stucco, and vinyl surfaces.


How Long Does It Take to Power Wash a House?

Water hose spray gun washing cement floor | power washing vs pressure washingIt depends on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. A power washing service company can get your house looking spotless and brand new in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Doing it yourself, on the other hand, will naturally take much longer. If you do decide to outsource the task, take note that another 15 to 30 minutes is needed for setting up and packing up.


How Much Does Power Washing a House Cost?

Contrary to popular belief, a professional power washing service will not run you thousands of dollars. In fact, you will probably end up spending more if you do it yourself. On average, a power washing service will cost you about $130 to $160 per hour. It still ultimately depends on the power washing company, though. Most power washing service companies will provide you with a free estimate to help you decide.


Power Washing Depends on Where You Live

It all comes down to where your home is located and the natural weather and wind patterns. Although it is not specific and everyone will have different needs, the location of your house will heavily influence how often it needs to be power washed. Power washing a house is no joke, and working with a company that is knowledgeable about the specific area you are in is the best thing you can do as a homeowner.

Should you choose to get professional help, don’t hesitate to give Washh a call for a free quote.