One of the services our residential and commercial customers thoroughly enjoy is Washh’s concrete cleaning service. With many surfaces in homes and businesses now being a concrete base, this cleaning can make surfaces look like new and bring the luster and aesthetic appeal back to a space around the home.

The Best Concrete Cleaning Services

The team here at Washh is always focused on what is best for the customer. During a consultation, you’ll notice the difference in the detail, questions, and suggestions that with years of experience can help streamline the process and have the job done before you know it!

Is Concrete Cleaning Different From Driveway or Patio Cleaning?

Yes and no. The same equipment that is used for power washing and cleaning a patio or driveway is typically the same as cleaning a portion of concrete on or around the home. When it comes to cleaning certain surfaces or area, it can come down to the type of product that is used to help with the cleaning.

With our industry-leading knowledge of the best equipment, techniques, and products, our customers trust us because of the hundreds of jobs we’ve completed and the results that were obtained.

Concrete Cleaning For Small and Large Areas

Again, depending on what the Washh team sees will depend on the suggestions and recommendations that we will make. Our techs and cleaning team is always looking at what is best for the customer, their home or space, and what will get the best result and keep it looking that way the longest.

Need Your Concrete Surface Cleaned?

Our expert staff is prepared to take on any concrete surface big or small. We are fully insured and follow environmentally friendly guidelines to ensure your commercial property or residence stays clean and safe. Contact us online today, or give us a call at (704) 321-8000.