House Pressure Washing Services

Cleaning your home’s exterior is just as important as cleaning its interior. Make it a part of your regular maintenance routine to keep your house in great physical condition. 

No other method is as efficient and effective as pressure washing. For quick and reliable professional residential pressure washing services in Charlotte, NC, Washh is your best option.

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Benefits of Pressure Washing your Home

Your home deserves to look its best, even if cleaning an entire house can be a huge challenge. With the help of Washh cleaning experts, it’s all worth it!

House Cleaning Services

Healthier Home with Pressure Washing

Mold and mildew, algae and dirt have a way of getting past the exterior of your home to the inside. They become a threat to your family’s health if not removed regularly. Power washing removes all of these things even in places where you might not see any problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait until you have problems to pressure wash your home. Make it part of your regular preventative maintenance.

Pressure washing the exterior of your house on a regular basis can prevent costly repairs. Mold and mildew, when left unchecked, will eat into the paint and siding. Regular cleaning also prevents premature aging so the materials of your home last longer.

Cleaned While You Wait

Washh offers reasonable rates and we complete the job while you attend to your busy schedule.

Expert Results, Every Time

Soft wash or pressure wash? Plain water or cleaning agent? Washh knows how to get under shutters and in tight spaces to remove all the hidden dirt.

Professional vs DIY Residential Pressure Washing

When deciding whether to take a DIY approach or to hire a professional service for house pressure washing in Charlotte, NC, consider the following:


When it comes to expertise and experience, professionals have got amateurs beat. Washh technicians know which tools and techniques to use depending on the surface material. 

We start with a safe pressure level 3 feet from the surface, working our way closer, foot by foot, and observing how much force is required to remove dirt, grime, mold, and other substances. If you choose to do it yourself, you may use the wrong pressure level or nozzle, start at too-close a distance, and cause irreversible damage to your house exterior.

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Here at Washh, we utilize the best and latest equipment to aid our mission. Compared to doing it yourself, our professional touch is a far safer course. Our technicians always come prepared, dressed in protective gear to minimize the risk of injury. We know the proper way to clean homes with attached power lines to avoid electrocution.


Renting a pressure washer will run you anywhere between $50 to $100 per day — and that does not even include the cost of detergents, safety gear, and possible damages. Buying a pressure washer, depending on the model, can set you back hundreds of dollars. Again, that is not inclusive of other costs, which can also bloat your electricity bill or gas bill.

On average, a professional service will cost you about $280, typically all-inclusive. Compared to how much you need to pay to rent or buy a machine yourself, in addition to other expenses and the cost of potential damage, hiring a professional will save you money in the long run.


Amateurs are more likely to cause damage while pressure washing surfaces, but that does not mean professionals have no flaws. The difference is that, if our technicians damage your property, which rarely happens, we are fully insured to cover the cost of repairs or replacements.

The Pressure Washing Process

Here at Washh, we make sure to use safe and proven techniques for our pressure washing process.

Property Inspection

Before we start, we make sure to conduct a thorough inspection of your property to pinpoint any problem areas or hazards. We then submit a property inspection report and provide you with a quote for repairs.


There are a handful of nozzles one can use for pressure washing, each one with a specific width that can affect the outcome of the procedure. For general paint cleaning, it is recommended to use a 15- or 25-degree nozzle tip to remove dirt and other filth with ease. Siding is more delicate, so it is better to use a 25- or 40-degree nozzle tip for a gentler cleaning. It is best to stay away from 0-degree nozzle tips as those can damage stucco, wood, and other materials.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions

It takes more than pressurized water to effectively clean your house exterior. Detergent is used to remove dirt, grime, and other substances from exterior surfaces. Here at Washh, we use a proprietary cleaning mixture that is better than other people’s. We tailor the cleaning solution we use depending on the material. Some materials, like vinyl, require more delicate solutions than others. You can bet we use eco-friendly detergents that work the best on your house exterior.

Brush Attachments

We rely on more than just pressure to clean surfaces. Our pressure washing machines include a brush attachment for scrubbing filth away.

Hard-to-Reach Areas

Here at Washh, we are committed to cleaning your house exterior from top to bottom. That means reaching normally hard-to-reach areas. With the use of ladders and lifts, along with a safety harness and tether rope, we can easily pressure wash two-storey houses and even your roofs.

Soft Washing

Most of the time, house pressure washing requires a softer touch. This is why we use soft washing techniques to clean more delicate materials, ensuring no damage is dealt.

Residential Pressure Washing Services

  • Patio Pressure Washing – Our service removes all the dirt and build-up as well as acts as preventive maintenance for your patio, keeping it a great place to relax or entertain.
  • Gutter Cleaning and Brightening – We unclog your gutters and clean off mold, rust, water stains, and other filth to keep your gutters in good condition.
  • Driveway Pressure Washing – Over time, your driveway can become stained and slippery as a result of contaminants. Pressure washing restores your driveway back to its original appearance.
  • Rust Removal – Rust is not only repulsive, but it can also be a health hazard. Our professional-grade pressure washers can remove rust from the various surfaces of your home.
  • Vinyl Siding Cleaning – Vinyl siding requires professional expertise, as using the wrong technique can irreversibly damage it.
  • Soft Washing – More fragile surfaces and materials call for soft washing, a service our technicians are trained to provide.
  • Concrete Pressure Washing – Grime and algae can corrode concrete given enough time. Pressure washing effectively removes all those substances, keeping your concrete surfaces in pristine condition.
  • Hardie Plank Cleaning – A lot of homeowners favor hardie plank for its durability, but it often demands a professional touch to clean. We know the proper methods and solutions to use on any type of surface, hardie plank included.
  • Roof Pressure Washing – Roofs are essential to any home, but the build-up of dirt and debris can significantly damage them over time. Our technicians are trained to safely clean your roof using the right techniques and products.
  • Paver and Tile Pressure Washing – Wear and tear can knock pavers and tiles loose and damage them. In addition to our pressure washing services, we offer paver sealing services to keep moisture and filth away from grout lines.
  • Stucco Cleaning – Stucco is one of the hardest materials to clean, as its naturally textured surface allows dirt and other substances to pool. Our pressure washing services will take care of your stucco surfaces, using only the best products and the right techniques to clean them.
  • Dock Cleaning – We provide expert dock cleaning services, making sure your dock stays spotless and safe.

Choose Washh For Your House Pressure Washing

Our experts come in with their high-tech equipment that can remove dirt, mold and mildew effectively without harming the paint or other features of your house. 

  • Professional pressure washing job every time
  • The right tools and treatment for sidings, shutters, windows, and other exterior features
  • Expert pressure washers process your home while you attend to your busy schedule

Call Washh for Your Pressure Washing Needs!

Washh understands the importance that you place in your home. That’s why our experts apply the correct house pressure washing methods and products to safely clean your home’s exterior. It’s time to rediscover a brand-new home underneath all that grime.

For your next house pressure washing in Charlotte NC, choose our expert Washh cleaners. We are fully insured and only use the best equipment and methods to clean your home. Call today for a free quote.