Pressure Washing Your Home

Having your home pressure washed should be part of regular maintenance. It needs to be done every 12 to 18 months to keep your house looking its best. You may not notice the effects from tree sap, mold and mildew, dirt and grime right away. Left over time, these elements will not only ruin the look of your home, but they could cause major damage.

A Clean and Attractive Home

When it comes time to sell your home, pressure washing will increase the value. Potential buyers will see a property that is well-cared for, which will entice them to buy. However, pressure washing shouldn’t be a one-time thing when you are ready to put your home on the market. Regular pressure cleaning will have a bigger impact because it helps maintain the quality of the building.

Healthier Home with Pressure Cleaning

Mold and mildew, algae and dirt have a way of getting past the exterior of your home to the inside. They become a threat to your family’s health if not removed regularly. Power washing removes all of these things even in places where you might not see any problems.

Preventative Maintenance Pressure Washing

Don’t wait until you have problems to pressure wash your home. Make it part of your regular preventative maintenance. Pressure washing the exterior of your house on a regular basis can prevent costly repairs. Mold and mildew eat into the paint and siding, which causes the need for replacement. It also prevents premature aging so the materials of your home last longer. There is no other way to effectively remove dirt, mold and grime from your home other than pressure washing. You can try hand washing, but it won’t get the same results. Pressurized water is more efficient when removing dirt that has accumulated on your siding or roof and along the fascia, windows and doors. Multiple methods of pressure washing exist, and a professional pressure washing company like Washh will choose method that is right for your needs.

Expert Pressure Washing Services in Charlotte, NC

Professional pressure washing companies have high-tech equipment that can remove dirt, mold and mildew effectively without harming the paint or other features of your house. Washh knows how to get under shutters and in tight spaces to remove all the hidden dirt. When hiring a pressure washing company, you want someone with experience in residential cleaning. Washh understands the importance of caring for your home and will apply the methods of cleaning and products to safely clean your home’s exterior. You’ll discover a brand-new home underneath all that grime. Let the beauty of your home shine through with pressure washing. If it’s been a while since the exterior of your home has been cleaned or you’ve never had it pressure washed, give Washh a call at 704.321.8000 or contact us online.