Dealing With Vinyl Siding Oxidation


One thing we know here at Washh is that vinyl siding oxidation can take the look of vinyl siding and make it, well, not so good looking. However, with the cleaning power of power washing and our years of industry experience, getting vinyl siding looking like new is possible! 

Our customers learn that we use the best tools, solutions, and techniques to have the ability to restore vinyl siding to have fresh, new look like when it was first installed. Over time as weather and other factors take the look of vinyl siding down, our team can get it to where you’ll be proud for people to see your home again. 


What is Vinyl Siding Oxidation

One thing that homeowners love about vinyl siding is the simplicity of care and ease of installation. Because of these factors, more people have chosen it for their home. Although it is easy to install and maintain, it’s essential to complete some maintenance on it to ensure it lasts for years to come and looks just as good as when it was installed. 

Over time, homeowners may notice a type of white chalky substance is on the siding. This can also be on the trim of the home’s siding as well. This is a type of oxidation that is caused from weather, dirt, and grime building up. Because vinyl siding is so durable, one of the best solutions is to have the oxidation removed from power washing it and getting things looking back like new. 

Although there are “home solutions” that can be used to remove the oxidation without power washing, this can be extraordinarily tedious and time-consuming. Having a company who knows exactly what to do can save hours, and the job can be completed in one day. 


How Does Power Washing Remove Vinyl Siding Oxidation?

Although each company that performs a vinyl siding oxidation removal may use different techniques and cleaning solutions, the job is not a hard one for us to complete. Depending on the amount of oxidation, it may only take a low power washing of the siding to get everything removed and looking like new. 

Speaking with a power washing company and finding out what their method is vital for a homeowner to do. Ensuring they know the best practices and techniques to do the job efficiently and quickly is crucial. 


Washh Can Help With Your Vinyl Oxidation Needs

Here at Washh, our team is trained and knowledgeable in the best ways of getting a homes vinyl siding back to like-new condition. We are always ready to answer any questions our customers have and help guide them on making the best decisions for their home and vinyl siding needs. 

We can set up a time for a consultation so that you know exactly what needs to be done, and the timeline that it will take to have it completed. Our previous customers have always been impressed with our detailed but straightforward way of getting homes looking great without the stress and headache of doing it yourself. Give us a call at (704) 321-8000 or contact us online and let us help you get any oxidation issues resolved and your peace of mind back. Talk to you soon!