How to Keep Your Loading Dock Clean

How to Keep Your Loading Dock Clean

Loading docks are a company’s main point of distribution of materials and products. So keeping your them clean is essential for an effective business. Loading docks are usually found at production plants, stores, and other commercial buildings, and tend to accumulate plenty of dirt, grime, and other contaminants daily. To keep your them clean, you will need to perform regular maintenance in the area.

Without proper maintenance, your loading dock can become a hazard, potentially causing employees to slip and fall, forklifts to overturn, debris to fall, and chemicals to splash. All of this will cost you an arm and a leg to fix and will open yourself up to possible legal trouble. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to keep your loading dock clean, which will help you avoid unnecessary financial and legal liabilities.


Make Sure All Items Are Secure

An average loading dock processes at least hundreds, if not thousands, of items each day. Keeping spills and falling items to a minimum will work to keep them as clean as possible. If items fall, they can leave behind nasty contaminants and possibly stain chip, or crack your flooring. As a safety measure, use steel or plastic banding to secure products to pallets for transportation or storage. It is also very important to secure small items that can slip through a lift truck’s overhead guard. In the case of any spills, make sure to immediately clean up all hazards before they spread and cause extensive damage.


Set a Daily Cleaning Schedule

To property maintain your loading dock, make sure to set up a daily cleaning schedule to keep all facilities properly cleaned. As a part of this schedule, make sure that you remove all accumulated debris, clean up all hazards and contaminants, and ensure that all safety regulations are enforced.


Protect Your Dock From the Elements

Even though most loading docks are located inside, the elements can still harm your facility. For best protection, get a dock seal or shelter to keep rain and snow off of your loading docks. Without this preventative measure, your dock will likely become slippery and muddy, and can potentially attract more contaminants.


Routine Pressure Washing

It is important to clean your dock daily and to enforce safety measures that reduce accidents. But for the best results, you need to perform routine pressure washing on your loading facility. Even with daily cleaning, dirt, grime, oil, grease, and other contaminants will build up over time. If you allow this mess to build up, stains will form and your surfaces can crack or chip, causing lasting damage. To avoid this, schedule routine pressure washing of your facilities to get rid of hard-to-reach oil, grease, dirt, and all other contaminants. For the best possible results, it is recommended that you hire a professional crew to perform the pressure washing of your dock. If you elect to DIY, make sure you have the proper equipment and training to do the job effectively.


Washh Can Help You With Loading Dock Cleaning

If you need help maintaining your loading dock, let the professionals at Washh lend you a hand. We offer comprehensive cleaning and pressure washing services to companies in the Charlotte, NC area. If your business would benefit from professional pressure washing services, give us a call today at (704) 321-8000 or contact us online and let’s talk about how we can make your loading docks clean and safe.