Benefits of Step-by-Step Exterior Cleaning

Why Step By Step Exterior Cleaning Is Beneficial


For homeowners, it can be tempting to quickly hire a company to clean your roof without researching. This is a mistake because there are different types of cleaning that will have different results on your roof’s cleanliness. It is important to carefully research different roof cleaning options to have the best possible result. By choosing an exterior cleaning that is too strong, it can leave damages on your roof that will be difficult to repair. If you opt for a softer wash, then it will be better for your roof in the long-term while still providing the cleaning that it requires. To learn more about the ideal step by step exterior cleaning for your roof, consider the information below: 


How to Find the Ideal Step By Step Exterior Cleaning

Bear in mind the following factors when deciding which exterior cleaning option is ideal for your home: 


Condition of Your Home

The first step to finding the perfect step by step exterior cleaning for your home is to factor in your home’s age and condition of its exterior. The reason for this is that many older homes have chipping paint or cracks in the stucco that can be destroyed with power washing that is too intense. In this situation, it may be best to opt for a soft wash option where a biodegradable chemical is used to wash the exterior of your home. What is excellent about a soft wash option is that the chemical is safe for your plants, pets, and children. If you have a roof that is connected to an overhang with many plants, choosing a soft wash will be better for your home. 


Your Budget

Soft washing can last up to four or six times longer than power washing solutions. Besides, the machine required to complete a soft wash is far less intricate than a machine used for power washing. This is something that will have an impact on the price you are charged for your exterior cleaning services. Particularly, if you opt for a soft wash and need to have the exterior of your home cleaned fewer times in the year. By choosing to have a soft wash, you will spend far less on your exterior cleaning services. If you have a limited budget, investing in a soft wash cleaning will be the most economical way to still have the exterior of your home cleaned, help the environment, and save a great deal of money in the process. Make sure to carefully consider your budget before deciding which exterior cleaning service to use. 


How Washh Can Help

If you are interested in having your home’s exterior cleaned soon, you should schedule a consultation with Washh to learn which one of our packages can help you rid your home’s exterior of unwanted dirt and debris. To learn more, contact us online for a free quote or reach us by calling (704) 321-8000 today.