Residential Pressure Washing man using a jet spray | keep HOA common areas clean

A homeowners association (HOA) is in charge of maintaining the community. Naturally, it is their responsibility to keep HOA common areas clean for the benefit of their residents. While it may sound like an easy task, it can get highly complicated without the proper tips to guide you.


Keep HOA Common Areas Clean Using These Tips

At the beginning of the year, it is important to schedule your cleaning needs for these areas so that your HOA does not forget to include them in the budget later in the year. HOAs that plan even their most specialized cleanings in advance will be far more organized, which will greatly increase their approval ratings with their residents in both the short and long-term.

When an HOA fails to maintain and keep HOA common areas clean, residents end up feeling like their dues are going to waste. That’s when things sour between the homeowners and the HOA board. So, here are some tips for common area maintenance to help you and your HOA board get things in order:


1. Hire Pressure Washing Services

outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet | keeping HOA common areas clean Pressure washing uses pressurized water to clean hard-to-reach areas and remove stains in concrete or stucco. It is wise to hire a company to come power wash the areas of your community that require cleaning. By doing so, your residents will notice a substantial improvement in the appearance of your common areas, which will raise morale in your community.


2. Try Pressure Washing with Detergent

There are some stains that need more than just strong water to remove them. For these stains, it is beneficial to use a pressure washing expert that integrates detergent into their pressure washing services. By adding detergent, it is highly likely that many of the stains in your community will be eliminated with ease. As a result, you will have a polished look in your common areas and increase the overall appeal of your community.


3. Clean Molds

Depending on where your community is located, you may have issues with mold. For this reason, it is essential to have mold inspections regularly to catch mold before it spreads. Residents will feel unsatisfied if you leave mold to grow since it is linked to severe health problems. Make sure that your HOA board is making mold inspections a top priority in order to avoid potential legal liability in the future.


4. Clean Sap from Trees and Mud from Spring Storms

Sap from trees and mud from spring storms can cause great damage to your HOA common areas. If you do not clean this regularly, it can cause your common areas to look like they are not being properly maintained. Make sure to look out for sap from trees and mud from spring storms when deciding if your community is due for another cleaning.


5. Landscape

Landscaping in your common areas should be maintained regularly. If plants become overgrown, they can make your HOA seem uncared for. In addition, plants that are not cut properly are also a fire hazard. By having landscapers contracted to come biweekly, you will be able to cut plants before they become an issue for the cleanliness and safety of your community.


6. Maintain the Pool Area

sunshine and clear water of swimming pool | common area maintenance Your pool area needs to be maintained regularly. The concrete around your pool area can be power washed; however, you also need to make sure the water in your pool is safe for your residents to use.

If there are any grills in the area or lawn furniture, they need to be maintained as well. Make sure that you have room in your budget to pay for these expenses so that your community can maintain the same appeal.


7. Clean the Clubhouse Regularly

Depending on what kind of community you have, you may have a clubhouse that is full of activities for your residents to enjoy. Make sure that both the interior and exterior of your clubhouse are cleaned regularly. Consider hiring a professional pressure washing service company to take over this job.

If you leave your clubhouse dirty, your residents will view this as a negative impression of your HOA and its management. See to it you prioritize your clubhouse maintenance when outlining the strategy of your HOA.


8. Maintain the Fitness Centers

Fitness centers require periodic maintenance. The reason for this is that bacteria can easily grow in fitness centers due to the amount of traffic that occurs there. Make sure to have your machines and any equipment cleaned daily. Your floors and mirrors should be cleaned weekly.

Failure to schedule these cleaning services could cause more germs to be spread in your community. It is also wise to have sanitary wipes installed in your fitness center so that residents are able to clean machines after they use them.


9. Get the Windows Cleaned

Many common areas of your community may have windows. It is the responsibility of your HOA to plan for window cleaning several times per year. Depending on the severity of the climate where your community is located, it is usually best to have window cleaning up to four times per year. This way, residents will seldom see a dirty window that will make them question your community’s maintenance strategy.


10. Keep Security Guard Centers Clean

If your community has a security guard, it is important for you to keep their space clean. The security guard’s area is often the first impression that both residents and their guests see upon entering your community. Make sure that you are including your security guard centers into your common area maintenance budget to make an excellent impression for your current and prospective residents.


11. Maintain the Tennis and Basketball Courts

basketball in a basketball court at sunset | keep HOA common areas clean Depending on the overall size of your community, you may have basketball or tennis courts. Residents greatly enjoy using these courts and notice when they are poorly maintained. Make sure to schedule regular inspections of these areas.

Tennis and basketball courts may need power washing or paint touch-ups. They may also need to have dust and dirt removal to ensure that their services are clean for running.

In addition, if a resident is injured due to the lack of maintenance of your HOA, it could subject your organization to legal liability later on. By constantly maintaining these areas of your community, your HOA will limit the amount of legal liability that it has dramatically.


12. Have Well-Maintained Park and Outdoor Recreation Areas

Communities typically have parks or larger outdoor recreation areas. If your community is larger, you may have more than one park or recreational area. Residents pay dues on the regular, so they expect these areas to look pristine and polished. If these areas seem poorly maintained, they will grow frustrated and wonder what value your HOA is bringing to their property.

Having parks and other outdoor recreation areas maintained is something that will help to increase property values within your community, which will also appeal to residents. Consider having a regular schedule of maintenance for your parks and outdoor recreation areas. This way, you will know which areas require which services and how frequently to conduct each of those services.


Keeping HOA Common Areas Clean and Well-Maintained

It is the duty and obligation of the HOA board to keep HOA common areas clean and well-maintained. Not only will it prove the HOA board is doing something good with the dues, but it will also ensure the safety of residents when they are using the common areas. Reach out to a professional pressure washing service to guarantee that your common areas are cleaned properly and thoroughly regularly.

If your HOA requires expert pressure washing services, let Washh come to your rescue. Give us a call today!