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One of the top priorities of your townhome community is to maintain it. This way, current residents are content and the community remains attractive to prospective residents. Each year, it is wise for your HOA to assess what areas of your community require updates and townhome community cleaning services.


The Best Townhome Community Cleaning Services

An HOA board is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of a community. This includes townhome cleaning, a necessary task to maintain curb appeal. There are a number of services that fall under the general umbrella of cleaning services. Each one differs from the last. Here are the top townhouse community cleaning services you should consider:


1. Pressure Washing Services

Residential pressure washingoutdoor floor cleaning with a pressure water jet on street | residential pressure washing is a necessary service, regardless of where your community is located. Pressure washing is very beneficial for exterior walls that may accumulate dirt or mold over time, which can pose serious health risks to the family.

If the exterior walls of your townhome community are white or light-colored, regular pressure washing can make your community appear well-maintained.

Apart from that, townhome community pressure washing can be useful for interior spaces of common areas, as well. This includes areas along with pathways, patios, and roof.

Make sure you consult with an expert to see which kind of pressure washing package is the ideal fit for your townhouse community. This way, you can get the best possible price and the right kind of pressure washing for the surface intended.


2. General Cleaning Services

Every townhome community needs traditional cleaning services for the offices, security guard areas, and interior common areas of the community. It is wise to have these completed by an external reliable vendor for a reasonable price. Ask for package pricing to be sure you can have the best possible price for the regular general cleaning services that your community will require.


3. Landscaping

working in park | townhome cleaning When finances get tight, landscaping is usually one of the first services to go. This is why when you see overgrown plants in the neighborhood, you can immediately tell the community is not investing in a proper landscaping contract.

While some HOAs think landscaping is a waste of time and money, the reverse is actually true. Landscaping is one of the first things prospective residents notice. People pay attention to their surroundings and can easily spot overgrown or dying plants. For this reason, it is vital to have regular landscaping to ensure that your community gives off the best possible impression.


4. Road Maintenance

You might not think it is part of townhome community cleaning, but road maintenance is essential. Cracks in the sidewalk and asphalt surfaces must be addressed right away as they can make the community look poorly maintained. Furthermore, they can cause residents to have issues with driving safety.

You must ensure parking spaces and loading areas are clearly painted. HOAs should not let the paint fade and should have a regularly scheduled inspection of paint within the community. This way, you can allocate the proper resources in the budget to ensure that the paint is always looking its absolute best.


5. Community Center Maintenance

Your community center is a place where your residents can enjoy their time and making lasting relationships. Therefore, it should be well-maintained and have an environment that encourages residents to spend time there. If residents observe that their community center is not properly maintained, they will wonder whether their HOA funds are being misused.

Inspect your community center periodically and make sure that you are current with all required maintenance. By doing so, you can give your residents a positive impression of the efforts your HOA is making to create a positive community environment.


6. Public Park Clean Up

volunteers cleaning park area from rubbish | townhouse community cleaning If your community has public parks, cleanliness is imperative for proper enjoyment. All plants in your public parks must look their best regardless of what season it is. Try to establish a contract with your landscaper to also include your public parks for a reduced price.

Furthermore, trash removal and repairs for public amenities in the park should occur frequently. If playgrounds need maintenance or pathways are full of trash, it will make your community look poorly maintained. Make sure there is a regular schedule for cleaning up your public park in your townhome community to shield your HOA from potential issues with residents.


7. Trash Removal

Depending on where your townhome community is located, there will be regularly scheduled trash removal services that occur on a certain day of the week. If your townhome community has additional waste, it will need to consider how to remove waste promptly.

Your townhome community needs to have an action plan for additional waste in addition to its regular scheduled trash removal. Trash removal is something that, if not planned properly, can cause major issues within communities. HOAs need to make efforts to have trash removed quickly to avoid the presence of pests in the community that could attempt to enter resident homes.


8. Maintenance of Sports Facilities

Depending on the size of your townhome community, you may have a gym, pool, or outdoor sports courts. Make sure you have a regular schedule of cleaning these areas, along with an extra part of your budget to make necessary repairs.

Residents will not be happy to see a pool that is not properly cleaned with cracking cement if they are paying high HOA fees each month. Be sure that the sports areas of your townhome community are always looking their absolute best and your residents will be quite appreciative.


A Clean Community Is a Happy Community

People often neglect cleanliness and proper maintenance, only regretting it in the end. A clean neighborhood is not only appealing to the eyes but also helps promote health and safety. Nobody wants to trip on cracked sidewalks or get sick from mold. Make sure to get these townhome community cleaning services for your association. Your residents will surely appreciate it.

However, nobody expects the HOA board to do manual labor themselves. There are plenty of vendors offering state-of-the-art residential cleaning services at an affordable price. Washh is one such company. Contact us today for a free quote!