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It is much easier to do spring cleaning with a pressure washer. It saves time and is also very flexible, allowing you to take on different cleaning projects with little effort.


How to Do Spring Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

Spring is the best time to give your property a thorough and deep cleaning. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to a long winter and hello to a new season. Spring cleaning, though, often takes a lot of time. One way you can cut down on this is through the use of a pressure washer.

Here are the residential cleaning jobs a pressure washer can help with.


1. Exterior Cleaning

A pressure washer can easily clean the exterior of your home. Get rid of dirt, dust, and debris quickly and effectively. If your exterior walls are riddled with stubborn stains, a combination of the right cleaning product and a power washer can help eliminate them.


2. Window Washing

Windows help bring natural light into your home. But they can get dirty and cloudy over time. Restore your windows back to their original glory using soft washing. Soft washing uses a low-pressure washer instead of high-pressure water. It’s the best method for cleaning glass surfaces, as high pressure can cause them to crack or shatter.


3. Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Your roof can take a beating over the winter season, so it makes sense to give it some love come spring. With a pressure washer, you can clear your roof of any dirt and debris. Don’t forget to clear your gutters, too, as clogs can cause water damage and even completely weigh down the gutter. Just make sure to start with a low PSI level when pressure washing your roof to avoid damage.


4. Patio Cleaning

Time and the elements can significantly affect the appearance of your patio. Breathe new life into your patio by investing in a pressure washing service. With a pressure washer, you can clean your patio swiftly and effectively. Just remember to use a low PSI level for wood patios and decks to prevent chipping away at the material.


5. Furniture Washing

Did you know you can use a pressure washer to clean the patio and lawn furniture? You don’t have to send those to a furniture cleaning company or buy new furniture altogether. A pressure washer can do a good job of blasting away years of dirt and grime buildup. Again, it’s best to start with a low PSI level when pressure washing furniture to avoid damage.


6. Driveway Cleaning

Gone will be the days of pulling into your driveway and sighing at its dirty state. With a pressure washer, you can clean concrete driveways with ease. Sometimes, the sheer force of the water is enough to get rid of all the dirt, grime, and oil that have accumulated over the years. Other times, you will need a cleaning product to remove those pesky pollutants completely.


7. Fence Washing

If you have fences, it’s also a good idea to include them in your spring cleaning checklist. Fences frame your house, and they can greatly impact property value. They’re the first things most people see, after all. As such, cleaning your fences with a pressure washer is imperative.


8. Sidewalk Cleaning

Filthy sidewalks can be an eyesore and even mess with your curb appeal. Make it part of your spring cleaning to-do list to clean your sidewalks with a pressure washer.


Commercial Spring Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

Commercial properties need to be cleaned as well. If you own a commercial property, there are certain projects you should add to your spring cleaning list in addition to those above.


1. Awnings

Awnings add a certain charm to any commercial establishment. But, if they’re dirty, they can scare away potential customers. Fortunately, you can clean awnings just as effectively with a pressure washer. Bird droppings, oil or grease stains, and tannins will be a thing of the past.


2. Storefront and Drive-Thru Windows

A filthy storefront can give people a bad first impression of your business. If you want to attract customers, it’s important to clean the storefront windows and walls regularly. For restaurants or fast food chains with drive-thru windows, a pressure washer can do wonders for cleaning, too.


3. Dumpster Pads

Commercial property owners must clean their dumpster pads on a regular basis, but spring is the best time to invest in deep cleaning. A pressure washer can get rid of all the stubborn filth that latches onto dumpsters and dumpster pads. It can also help eliminate the odors that tend to linger around the area. For food-based oil and grease stains, power washing can be very effective.


4. Parking Lots

Nobody wants to park their car or even walk through a poorly maintained parking lot. Although the parking lot might come detached from the building, it’s still part of your business. As such, it can influence your establishment’s reputation and traffic. Luckily, a pressure washer can easily clean parking lots and even serve as a good way to strip paint if you’re planning to re-stripe.


5. Loading Dock

Loading docks tend to experience a lot of foot and parcel traffic. They are also prone to spillage, which can have a lasting effect on surfaces in the form of stains. If you want your loading dock to sparkle again, a pressure washer can be handy.


6. Fleets

A pressure washer can also help commercial businesses that operate fleets. Pressure washing is highly efficient, allowing you to clean every vehicle in half the time. Just be careful when cleaning more fragile components such as windows. Using low pressure is the best way to approach fleet pressure washing, especially if you want to avoid stripping the paint away.


HOA Spring Cleaning With a Pressure Washer

Apart from residential and commercial cleaning, a pressure washer can also help homeowners associations. Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to homeowners. It also applies to HOA communities. Associations can efficiently and effectively clean common areas and buildings with a pressure washing service. It also pays to partner with a reputable company to provide their pressure washing services regularly.


Calling for Professional Services

There is no denying that spring cleaning with a pressure washer can save you a lot of time. It also offers outstanding results when done properly. If you have no experience with pressure washing, though, it is best to hire a professional. In doing so, you can avoid inflicting irreversible damage.

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