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Washing the house exterior often comes as an afterthought to having good home interiors. It’s true that external home cleaning can seem like a thing you do when you have a lot of extra budget. The reality is, cleaning the exterior of houses should be part of the maintenance routine of homeowners. In this guide, we’ll look at the reasons why external house cleaning is a necessity. We’ll also see in a moment why a professional exterior house cleaning services can turn out to your advantage, versus trying to DIY it.


Washing the House Exterior: Why You Need to Do It

House exterior cleaning is something you need to do because your home is doing what it should. That is, protect you and your family from outside elements. Your home sidings, roof, eaves, and awnings protect you from all manner of natural conditions. Naturally, you will soon see the need for home exterior cleaning. More so as your home gets exposed to the sun and outside weather for years.

There is also the gradual accumulation of dirt, insects, pollen, plant debris. There is also the residue that collects from car exhausts and outside pollutants. You don’t need a reminder from the HOA to see what you need to do about your home. Before long, the constant exposure to UV rays and pollutants will remind you to plan for a home exterior cleaning session.

As it turns out, pressure washing and power washing are some of the best ways to clean the exterior of houses.

1. Prevent Damage to Your Home

Pressure washing the house exterior can lead to serious damage. The outside of your home naturally accumulates moisture, during rain or wintertime. When moisture collects on your home exterior, it also begins to build up a layer of grime. This layer of moistened dust, pollutants and debris soon becomes a foothold for serious issues. When grime is allowed to set, that’s where your home exterior starts to get mold, mildew, and stains.

Many types of mold, algae, and mildew feed on the surface paint and finish of your home. Washing the house exterior removes them before they can do serious damage.

2. Regular Exterior Washing Maintenance Saves You Money in the Long Run

If you think about it, protecting your home will actually cost you less than having to repair or refinish it. Washing the house exterior is a good way to get the most out of your house paint and siding. With the cost of refinishing and repairs, you’ll be glad you took the time to do some exterior house cleaning.

It’s not just about protecting your home from actual structural damage, either. Washing the house exterior also protects another important aspect of it: its value. A little pressure wash session once or twice a year can go a long way to keep the years from degrading your property value.

You’ll be surprised at how long a clean and regularly maintained home can keep on looking like new for years and decades.

There are several ways to wash the outside of your home. If you consider it, getting a professional exterior house cleaning service to do it for you could save you a bit more money. That’s compared to doing it yourself the hard way – with a hose, detergent and a lot of elbow grease. Pressure washing a home gets the job done a lot faster, and gets into every nook and cranny where grime can collect. It also lets the cleaners use less detergent, which can help preserve your exterior finish for longer.

3. Washing the House Exterior Is Perfect Prep for Refinishing

Pressure washing your home, as it turns out, is just about the ideal way to prep a home exterior for refinishing and repainting. The pressure washer can strip off old paint and surface finish faster than you can do it by hand. A power wash removes all dirt and grime from the home exterior. That leaves you with a clean, smooth surface that’s free of contaminants. This way, your exterior paint can stick to the surface quickly and dry reliably.

It’s not just your exterior house walls that can benefit from a pressure washing prep. If you ever had a project for re-staining a deck, you will find better results if you did a pressure wash before you apply the finish.

4. Home Exterior Cleaning Removes Health and Safety Hazards

Mildew, mold, and dust don’t just mar the beauty of a home, but they can also affect the health of your family, as well. Stop mold from growing and making their way indoors by pressure washing your home exterior. Removing the buildup of mold and mildew outside can go a long way towards preventing sickness in your home.

Aside from mold, pressure cleaning also gets rid of allergens. Spring is a good time to do some home exterior cleaning, to get rid of excess dust, pollen, and other irritants.

Pressure washing your home exterior, pathways, patios, steps and sidewalks also gets rid of slippery weed and algae clumps. Keep the walking surfaces around your home safer by regularly running a pressure wash to get rid of moss and algae.

5. Pressure Washing and Power Washing Are Easier on the Environment

With pressure washing, the force of the water jet is often sufficient to remove most if not all dirt on home exteriors and other surfaces. You or the cleaning professionals will hardly need to use detergents and cleaning agents to clean your home. Compare that to manual scrubbing, which not only takes a lot of effort but often uses buckets of detergent as well.

When cleaning the exterior of your home, consider using a professional pressure washing service like Washh that uses biodegradable and environment-friendly detergents.

How Washh Can Help with Washing the House Exterior of Your Property

If you are interested in having your home’s exterior cleaned soon, you should schedule a consultation with Washh to learn which one of our packages can help you rid your home’s exterior of unwanted dirt and debris. To learn more, contact us online for a free quote or reach us by calling (704) 321-8000 today.